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    Gauge Structure of Vacuum String Field Theory

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    We study the gauge structure of vacuum string field theory expanded around the D-brane solution, namely, the gauge transformation and the transversality condition of the massless vector fluctuation mode. We find that the gauge transformation on massless vector field is induced as an anomaly; an infinity multiplied by an infinitesimal factor. The infinity comes from the singularity at the edge of the eigenvalue distribution of the Neumann matrix, while the infinitesimal factor from the violation of the equation of motion of the fluctuation modes due to the regularization for the infinity. However, the transversality condition cannot be obtained even if we take into account the anomaly contribution.Comment: 19 pages, LaTeX2

    Slavnov-Taylor identity for nonequilibrium quark-gluon plasma

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    Within the closed-time-path formalism of nonequilibrium QCD, we derive a Slavnov-Taylor (ST) identity for the gluon polarization tensor. The ST identity takes the same form both in Coulomb and covariant gauges. Application to quasi-uniform quark-gluon plasma (QGP) near equilibrium or nonequilibrium quasistationary QGP is made.Comment: 10page

    Rolling Tachyon Solution in Vacuum String Field Theory

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    We construct a time-dependent solution in vacuum string field theory and investigate whether the solution can be regarded as a rolling tachyon solution. First, compactifying one space direction on a circle of radius R, we construct a space-dependent solution given as an infinite number of *-products of a string field with center-of-mass momentum dependence of the form e^{-b p^2/4}. Our time-dependent solution is obtained by an inverse Wick rotation of the compactified space direction. We focus on one particular component field of the solution, which takes the form of the partition function of a Coulomb system on a circle with temperature R^2. Analyzing this component field both analytically and numerically using Monte Carlo simulation, we find that the parameter b in the solution must be set equal to zero for the solution to approach a finite value in the large time limit x^0\to\infty. We also explore the possibility that the self-dual radius R=\sqrt{\alpha'} is a phase transition point of our Coulomb system.Comment: 39 pages, 17 figures, v3: references adde

    The Perturbative Spectrum of the Dressed Sliver

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    We analyze the fluctuations of the dressed sliver solution found in a previous paper, hep-th/0311198, in the operator formulation of Vacuum String Field Theory. We derive the tachyon wave function and then analyze the higher level fluctuations. We show that the dressing is responsible for implementing the transversality condition on the massless vector. In order to consistently deal with the singular k=0k=0 mode we introduce a string midpoint regulator and we show that it is possible to accommodate all the open string states among the solutions to the linearized equations of motion. We finally show how the dressing can give rise to the correct ratio between the energy density of the dressed sliver and the brane tension computed via the three-tachyons-coupling.Comment: 52 pages, v2: comment added in sec. 5, v3: one appendix added, comments added in introduction and conclusion, to appear on PR

    Boundary states as exact solutions of (vacuum) closed string field theory

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    We show that the boundary states are idempotent B*B=B with respect to the star product of HIKKO type closed string field theory. Variations around the boundary state correctly reproduce the open string spectrum with the gauge symmetry. We explicitly demonstrate it for the tachyonic and massless vector modes. The idempotency relation may be regarded as the equation of motion of closed string field theory at a possible vacuum.Comment: 30 pages, 2 figures, v3:regularization improve

    Stable skyrmions from extra dimensions

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    We show that skyrmions arising from compact five dimensional models have stable sizes. We numerically obtain the skyrmion configurations and calculate their size and energy. Although their size strongly depends on the magnitude of localized kinetic-terms, their energy is quite model-independent ranging between 50-65 times F_pi^2/m_rho, where F_pi is the Goldstone decay constant and m_rho the lowest Kaluza-Klein mass. These skyrmion configurations interpolate between small 4D YM instantons and 4D skyrmions made of Goldstones and a massive vector boson. Contrary to the original 4D skyrmion and previous 5D extensions, these configurations have sizes larger than the inverse of the cut-off scale and therefore they are trustable within our effective 5D approach. Such solitonic particles can have interesting phenomenological consequences as they carry a conserved topological charge analogous to baryon number.Comment: 20 pages, 3 figure

    Naskah Surat Akta Jual Beli Tanah Sawah: Kepemilikan Tanah Pada Awal Abad Ke-20

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    Penelitian ini akan menguraikan salah satu naskah (manuscript) akta jual beli tanah sawah yang ditemukan di Desa Srengseng, Indramayu. Akta yang menjadi objek penelitian ini adalah yang paling tua, ditulis dengan menggunakan aksara Jawa, bahasa Jawa. Dilihat dari kandungan isinya, surat tersebut tergolong surat penting. Tujuan penelitian ini adalah untuk melacak kandungan isi surat sebagai representasi zamannya. Metode yang digunakan adalah filologi. Beberapa pihak yang tercatat dalam surat adalah nama penjual dan pembeli, juru tulis, kuwu, dan saksi-saksi, termasuk mengenai luas tanah dan lokasinya juga dijelaskan, sebagaimana surat jual beli tanah pada umumnya, baik yang dikenal pada awal abad ke-20 atau pada saat ini. Adapun kandungan isinya berupa keterangan bahwa Bapak Salinah membeli sebidang tanah sawah kepada seorang mantan kuwu, Bapak Kadam, pada tanggal 10 November 1915, seharga 32 rupiah. Surat tersebut menegaskan bukti sah kepemilikan atas sebidang tanah sawah pada awal abad ke-20.This study describes one of the manuscripts about the deed of sale and purchase of rice field that had been found in Srengseng Village, Indramayu. The deed that is finally used as the data is the oldest one. The chosen manuscript is written in Javanese scripts. Referring to its content, the letter is classified as an important letter. The purpose of this research is to investigate the content of the old deed. Furthermore, the method which is applied is philology. As a research of this research is there are some parties written in the old deed, namely seller`s and buyer`s name, a clerk`s name, village chief, and a couple of witnesses or more. Beside that, some modern deed elements such as the size of the area and the location, as commonly known nowadays, also exist. Regarding the story of the content, the manuscripts tells about Mr. Salinah who purchased a rice field from and ex village chief, named Mr. Kadam, at November 10th, 1915, for 32 Indonesian rupiah. Finally this deed manuscript can be regarded as an ownership legitimisation of a rice field in the early of 20th century

    Chan-Paton factors and Higgsing from Vacuum String Field Theory

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    We give a description of open strings stretched between N parallel D-branes in VSFT. We show how higgsing is generated as the branes are displaced: the shift in the mass formula for on-shell states stretched between different branes is due to a twist anomaly, a contribution localized at the midpoint.Comment: 20 pages, JHEP clas
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