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    On Chern-Simons corrections to magnetohydrodynamics equations

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    We study the effect of a (3+1)-dimensional Chern-Simons electrodynamics on the equations governing the dynamics of magnetized plasma and fields. In this model, the Chern-Simons (CS) part consists of a dynamical pseudo-scalar field whose space-time derivatives couple with the electromagnetic field. We explore the CS corrections to the evolution equation for the magnetic field in a plasma with non-zero electrical resistivity. We revisit Cowling's theorem in this context and observe that the CS corrections lead to possibly small but non-zero source terms for axisymmetric magnetic field. The scalar product of electric and magnetic fields play the role of source of the pseudo-scalar field, and therefore, pulsars and magnetars are likely astrophysical candidates to generate propagating pseudo-scalar waves. Although aligned electric field gets shorted out by flowing charges in large parts of the magnetosphere, there are vacuum gaps in the vicinity of pulsars where strong E⃗.B⃗\vec E. \vec B is expected to be present. We derive a wave solution for the pseudo-scalar field generated by the time-varying E⃗.B⃗\vec E. \vec B associated with a pulsar.Comment: 11 pages, to appear in Plasma Science and Technology (2010
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