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    Magnetic properties of spin-1/2 Fermi gases with ferromagnetic interaction

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    We investigate the magnetic properties of spin-1/21/2 charged Fermi gases with ferromagnetic coupling via mean-field theory, and find the interplay among the paramagnetism, diamagnetism and ferromagnetism. Paramagnetism and diamagnetism compete with each other. When increasing the ferromagnetic coupling the spontaneous magnetization occurs in a weak magnetic field. The critical ferromagnetic coupling constant of the paramagnetic phase to ferromagnetic phase transition increases linearly with the temperature. Both the paramagnetism and diamagnetism increase when the magnetic field increases. It reveals the magnetization density Mˉ\bar M increases firstly as the temperature increases, and then reaches a maximum. Finally the magnetization density Mˉ\bar M decreases smoothly in the high temperature region. The domed shape of the magnetization density Mˉ\bar M variation is different from the behavior of Bose gas with ferromagnetic coupling. We also find the curve of susceptibility follows the Curie-Weiss law, and for a given temperature the susceptibility is directly proportional to the Land\'{e} factor.Comment: 7 pages, 7 figure

    Enhanced spin injection efficiency in a four-terminal double quantum dot system

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    Within the scheme of quantum rate equations, we investigate the spin-resolved transport through a double quantum dot system with four ferromagnetic terminals. It is found that the injection efficiency of spin-polarized electrons can be significantly improved compared with single dot case. When the magnetization in one of four ferromagnetic terminals is antiparallel with the other three, the polarization rate of the current through one dot can be greatly enhanced, accompanied by the drastic decrease of the current polarization rate through the other one. The mechanism is the exchange interaction between electrons in the two quantum dots, which can be a promising candidate for the improvement of the spin injection efficiency.Comment: 10 pages and 5 figure