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    One-step preparation of cluster states in quantum dot molecules

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    Cluster states, a special type of highly entangled states, are a universal resource for measurement-based quantum computation. Here, we propose an efficient one-step generation scheme for cluster states in semiconductor quantum dot molecules, where qubits are encoded on singlet and triplet state of two coupled quantum dots. By applying a collective electrical field or simultaneously adjusting interdot bias voltages of all double-dot molecule, we get a switchable Ising-like interaction between any two adjacent quantum molecule qubits. The initialization, the single qubit measurement, and the experimental parameters are discussed, which shows the large cluster state preparation and one-way quantum computation implementable in semiconductor quantum dots with the present techniques.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figure

    Transmission of doughnut light through a bull's eye structure

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    We experimentally investigate the extraordinary optical transmission of doughnut light through a bull's eye structure. Since the intensity is vanished in the center of the beam, almost all the energy reaches the circular corrugations (not on the hole), excite surface plasmons which propagate through the hole and reradiate photons. The transmitted energy is about 57 times of the input energy on the hole area. It is also interesting that the transmitted light has a similar spatial shape with the input light although the diameter of the hole is much smaller than the wavelength of light.Comment: 3 pages,4 figure