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    Knotted domain strings

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    We construct meta-stable knotted domain strings on the surface of a soliton of the shape of a torus in 3+1 dimensions. We consider the simplest case of Z2 Wess-Zumino-type domain walls for which we can cover the torus with a domain string accompanied with an anti-domain string. In this theory, all (p,q)-torus knots can be realized as a linked pair of a(n) (un)knotted domain string and an anti-domain string.Comment: 6 pages, 8 figures; V2: extended version with more details about the host model, the numerics and the stability of the solution

    Higher-order Skyrme hair of black holes

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    Higher-order derivative terms are considered as replacement for the Skyrme term in an Einstein-Skyrme-like model in order to pinpoint which properties are necessary for a black hole to possess stable static scalar hair. We find two new models able to support stable black hole hair in the limit of the Skyrme term being turned off. They contain 8 and 12 derivatives, respectively, and are roughly the Skyrme-term squared and the so-called BPS-Skyrme-term squared. In the twelfth-order model we find that the lower branches, which are normally unstable, become stable in the limit where the Skyrme term is turned off. We check this claim with a linear stability analysis. Finally, we find for a certain range of the gravitational coupling and horizon radius, that the twelfth-order model contains 4 solutions as opposed to 2. More surprisingly, the lowest part of the would-be unstable branch turns out to be the stable one of the 4 solutions.Comment: LaTeX: 51 pages, 21 figures; V2: references added and typos correcte

    Effective field theories on solitons of generic shapes

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    A class of effective field theories for moduli or collective coordinates on solitons of generic shapes is constructed. As an illustration, we consider effective field theories living on solitons in the O(4) non-linear sigma model with higher-derivative terms.Comment: LaTeX: 6 pages, 1 figure; V2: published version, added discussion of higher-order correction