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    The New Ice Age: Addressing the Deficiencies in Arkansas\u27s Posthumously Conceived Children Statute

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    The ability to conceive a child using the preserved genetic material, or gametes, of a deceased person presents a number of legal issues for inheritance, estate planning, Social Security, and parental rights. New medical advancements in assisted reproductive technology (ART) enable individuals to conceive children after their death, complicating the conventional methods of determining heirship of the decedent under state intestacy laws. The purpose of intestacy law is to determine the succession of a decedent that dies without a will, or intestate, with the goal of carrying out the donative intent of the decedent. Intestacy law has failed to keep pace with these technological advancements, which has left the legal status of posthumously conceived children (PCC) uncertain in many states

    Statistical approach of the modulational instability of the discrete self-trapping equation

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    The discrete self-trapping equation (DST) represents an useful model for several properties of one-dimensional nonlinear molecular crystals. The modulational instability of DST equation is discussed from a statistical point of view, considering the oscillator amplitude as a random variable. A kinetic equation for the two-point correlation function is written down, and its linear stability is studied. Both a Gaussian and a Lorentzian form for the initial unperturbed wave spectrum are discussed. Comparison with the continuum limit (NLS equation) is done.Comment: 10 page

    On the Lattice Corrections to the Free Energy of Kink-Bearing Nonlinear One-Dimensional Scalar Systems

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    A ri proof of the effective potential (lattice corrections included) deduced by Trullinger and Sasaki is given. Using asymptotic methods from the theory of differential equations depending on a large parameter, the lattice corrections to the kink and kink-kink contributions to the free energy are calculated. The results are in complete agreement with a first order correction to the energy of the static kink.Comment: 12 pages,plainte

    On a class of rational and mixed soliton-rational solutions of Toda lattice

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    A class of rational solutions of Toda lattice satisfying certain Backlund transformations and a class of mixed rational-soliton solutions (quasisolitons) in wronskian formare obtained using the method of Ablowitz and Satsuma. Also an extended class of rational solutions are found using an appropriate recursion relation. They are also solutions of Boussinesq equation and it is conjectured that there is a larger class of common solutions of both equations.Comment: 10 pages, Late
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