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    Contribución al estudio del sujeto revolucionario la potencia plebeya como categoría analítica. el caso Boliviano

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    Desde una revisi√≥n te√≥rica presentada cronol√≥gica y relacionalmente, se hace un an√°lisis general de las condiciones en que el llamado sujeto pol√≠tico o sujeto revolucionario en una sociedad, de car√°cter colectivo, surge, identifica, desarrolla y ejecuta su acci√≥n pol√≠tica. As√≠, lo que pretende el autor es hacer una revisi√≥n cr√≠tica de varias categor√≠as iniciales, tratando de evidenciar su nexo interno y anal√≠tico para detallar las similitudes, puntos de encuentro y diferencias que mantienen, a fin de proponer una nueva perspectiva anal√≠tica sobre el llamado sujeto pol√≠tico en la sociedad, perspectiva que se ha permitido llamar de la potencia plebeya. Ello, a partir del t√≠tulo de la compilaci√≥n de ensayos del intelectual boliviano √Ālvaro Garc√≠a Linera: La potencia plebeya. Acci√≥n colectiva e identidades ind√≠genas, obreras y populares en Bolivia. Finalmente, el autor propone una peque√Īa revisi√≥n de la construcci√≥n hecha, teniendo el caso boliviano como contraste reflexivo y punto de llegada del an√°lisis general, tratando de implementar la revisi√≥n conceptual propuesta."From a theoretical review presented chronologically and relationally, an general analysis is made of the conditions under which the so-called political subject or revolutionary subject in a society, of collective nature, emerges, identifies, develops and executes its political action. So what the author claims is a critical review of several initial categories, trying to prove their internal analytical nexus for the purpose of detail the similarities and differences remain, in order to propose a new analytical perspective on the so-called subject political in the society, perspective is allowed to call the plebeian power. This, from the title of the collection of essays bolivian intellectual √Ālvaro Garc√≠a Linera: The plebeian power. Collective action and indigenous, workers and popular identities in Bolivia. Finally, the author proposes a brief review of the construction done, taking the bolivian case as reflective contrast and arrival point of the overall analysis, trying to ""implement"" the conceptual review proposed."Polit√≥logo (a)Pregrad

    Correlación entre carga de síntomas y calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en adultos con arritmia cardiaca

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    92 p√°ginasLas enfermedades cardiovasculares son la principal causa de muerte y discapacidad para la poblacion mundial y dentro de estas, las arritmias cardiacas contribuyen al deterioro de la calidad de vida, afectando econ√≥mica y socialmente a las personas que la padecen y sus familias(1). Para el a√Īo 2015 la Organizaci√≥n Mundial de la Salud afirmo que murieron a causa de las enfermedades cardiovasculares 17,7 millones de personas, lo cual represent√≥ un 31% de todas las muertes registradas en el mundo, y de estas muertes 7,4 millones se debieron a la cardiopat√≠a coronaria, 6,7 millones a accidentes cerebro vasculares los cuales en su mayor√≠a son causados por arritmias cardiacas como la fibrilacion auricular(2). Las arritmias card√≠acas son des√≥rdenes de la actividad el√©ctrica del coraz√≥n que conducen a una p√©rdida del ritmo normal y pueden ocasionar diversos s√≠ntomas tales como palpitaciones, ahogo en reposo o con el esfuerzo, dolor de pecho, mareos, desmayos, ansiedad y fatiga entre otros; las arritmias se clasifican seg√ļn la Sociedad Espa√Īola de Cardiolog√≠a (3), en bradiarritmias (bradicardia sinusal y bloqueos auriculoventriculares) y taquiarritmias, que se dividen en supraventriculares (taquicardia supraventricular, taquicardia sinusal, fibrilaci√≥n auricular (FA) y flutter) y ventriculares (taquicardia ventricular sostenida y no sostenida, fibrilaci√≥n ventricular), se resalta la fibrilaci√≥n auricular como la m√°s com√ļn, con una incidencia de 1 a 2 % en la poblaci√≥n general y con un incremento de la prevalencia en los pacientes de mayor edad seg√ļn la Asociaci√≥n Europea de Cardiolog√≠a (4).Maestr√≠a en Enfermer√≠aMag√≠ster en Enfermer√≠

    Client-side adaptation: An approach based in reutilization using transversal models

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    Improving navigability in Web applications is essential for applications success. Our research aims to improve the user experience by applying novel techniques such as concern-sensitive navigation. Concern-sensitive navigation allows enriching Web pages with content related to the context in which they are accessed. In previous works, we showed how this technique can be applied during the development process; at present we are working in a client-side adaptation approach to apply concern-sensitive navigation to existing applications. This approach is open to other adaptation kinds which are illustrated in this position paper. We also outline a set of tools we are developing to simplify the process of adaptation.Publicado en Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, vol. 6385).Laboratorio de Investigación y Formación en Informática Avanzad

    Scenario-Based Validation & Verification, the ENABLE-S3 Approach

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    [EN] Automated systems can be found on many current vehi- cles, either land, air or maritime. The reliability, safety and robustness of these systems is extremely important, hence validation approaches need to adapt to the ever- evolving necessities of the industry. The ENABLE-S3 architecture addresses the problem of extensive testing by introducing a set of tools and methodologies that can be used to build up a testing environment for different domains. In this manuscript, a special focus is given to the solution developed for the Reconfigurable Video Processor from the aerospace domain.This work has been conducted within the ENABLE-S3 project that has received funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 692455. This joint undertaking receives support from the European Unions HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme and Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Norway.Valls Mompó, JJ.; García-Gordillo, M.; Sáez Barona, S. (2019). Scenario-Based Validation & Verification, the ENABLE-S3 Approach. Ada User Journal. 40(4):230-235. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/164062S23023540

    A flexible architecture for client-side adaptation

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    Currently the Web allows users to perform complex tasks which involve different Web applications. Anyway they still have to face these tasks in a handcrafted way. Although it is possible to build service-based software, such as mashups, to combine data and information from different providers, many times this approach has limitations. In this paper we present an approach for Client-Side Adaptation aimed to support complex concern-sensitive and task-based adaptations with user-collected data. Our approach improves user experience by supporting user tasks among several Web applications.Publicado en Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, vol. 7059).Laboratorio de Investigación y Formación en Informática AvanzadaFacultad de Informátic

    Approximating optimal release in a deterministic model for the sterile insect technique

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    Cost/benefit analyses are essential to support management planning and decisions before launching any pest control program. In particular, applications of the sterile insect technique (SIT) are often prevented by the projected economic burden associated with rearing processes. This has had a deep impact on the technique development and its use on insects with long larval periods, as often seen in beetles. Under the assumptions of long adult timespan and multiple mating, we show how to find approximate optimal sterile release policies that minimize costs. The theoretical framework proposed considers the release of insects by pulses and finds approximate optimal release sizes through stochastic searching. The scheme is then used to compare simulated release strategies obtained for different pulse schedules and release bounds, providing a platform for evaluating the convenience of increasing sterile male release intensity or extending the period of control

    Supporting users tasks with personal information management and web forms augmentation

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    Currently, many tasks performed on the Web prompt users to provide personal information through forms. Despite the fact that most users are familiarized with this kind of interaction technique, the use of Web forms is not always straightforward. Indeed, some users might need assistance to understand labels and complex data format required to fill in form fields that, quite often, vary from a Web site to another even when requesting similar data. Filling in forms can be tedious and repetitive as many Web sites request similar information. In this work we analyze user's interactions with Web forms and propose an approach for enhancing Web forms using client-side adaptation techniques in order to assist users to fill in Web forms. As the use of Web forms is closely related to the management of personal information our approach includes the support for data exchange between user's personal information management systems (PIMs) and third-party Web forms. The approach is illustrated by a set of client-side adaptation tools and a pervasive Personal Information Management Systems called PIMI.Publicado en Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (vol. 7387).Laboratorio de Investigación y Formación en Informática Avanzad

    Zaragoza. Hacia un destino turístico de accesibilidad global.

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    Hoy en d√≠a la poblaci√≥n con discapacidad est√° cada vez m√°s integrada en la sociedad y demanda actividades, como viajar. Uno de los principales inconvenientes a la hora de realizar esta actividad es que no encentraran con recursos accesibles globales. Este problema se debe al err√≥neo enfoque sobre accesibilidad en los destinos tur√≠sticos. La accesibilidad debe ser vista de una forma global y como algo beneficioso para toda la poblaci√≥n. Se ha demostrado que este tipo de turistas son rentables, y adem√°s, contribuyen a desestacionalizar la demanda. Apostar por un destino accesible, significa apostar por un destino de calidad y competitivo, mejorando de forma simult√°nea la calidad de vida de turistas y de residentes. Zaragoza est√° realizando progresos en materia de accesibilidad, pero a√ļn no es un destino tur√≠stico de accesibilidad global
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