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    Subminiature micropower digital recorder

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    High-density digital data, collected periodically or randomly from multiplicity of sensors, are recorded by subminiature recorder. Magnetic recording head is energized with suitable pulsatile signals to reverse polarization on magnetically-sensitive tape while tape is immobilized at recording head. Prior to next recording, set tape so new area of tape is at recording head

    Research in life sciences instrumentation pertinent to studies in space biology Quarterly progress report, 1 Apr. - 30 Jun. 1967

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    Brain probes, multichannel telemetry devices, and telemetric brain temperature sensors for space biology studie

    Competition Between T=0 and T=1 Pairing in Proton-Rich Nuclei

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    A cranked mean-field model with two-body T=1 and T=0 pairing interactions is presented. Approximate projection onto good particle-number is enforced via an extended Lipkin-Nogami scheme. Our calculations suggest the simultaneous presence of both T=0 and T=1 pairing modes in N=Z nuclei. The transitions between different pairing phases are discussed as a function of neutron/proton excess, Tz_z, and rotational frequency, ℏω\hbar\omega. The additional binding energy due to the T=0 npnp-pairing correlations, is suggested as a possible microscopic explanation of the Wigner energy term in even-even nuclei.Comment: 8 RevTeX pages, 3 uuencoded POSTSCRIPT figures include

    Test results from a dynamic model dynaflex rotor

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    A one-fifth scale dynamic model of the Sikorsky Dynaflex rotor was tested in hover and in forward flight conditions in a wind tunnel. The Dynaflex rotor features an advanced composite structure which flexes to provide a constant speed universal joint action. Testing concentrated on confirming that the stability and dynamic response of the rotor were satisfactory. Lift conditions of up to .11 Ct/sigma and advance ratios as high as .46 were reached. Vibratory loads were compared to those of articulated rotors. The Dynaflex rotor concept appears to be a practical concept from the standpoint of dynamic response and stability

    Modeling material failure with a vectorized routine

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    The computational aspects of modelling material failure in structural wood members are presented with particular reference to vector processing aspects. Wood members are considered to be highly orthotropic, inhomogeneous, and discontinuous due to the complex microstructure of wood material and the presence of natural growth characteristics such as knots, cracks and cross grain in wood members. The simulation of strength behavior of wood members is accomplished through the use of a special purpose finite element/fracture mechanics routine, program STARW (Strength Analysis Routine for Wood). Program STARW employs quadratic finite elements combined with singular crack tip elements in a finite element mesh. Vector processing techniques are employed in mesh generation, stiffness matrix formation, simultaneous equation solution, and material failure calculations. The paper addresses these techniques along with the time and effort requirements needed to convert existing finite element code to a vectorized version. Comparisons in execution time between vectorized and nonvectorized routines are provided

    Space related biological and information studies Annual report, Mar. 1968 - Mar. 1969

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    Space related biotelemetry research - multichannel implantable telemeter, subcarrier oscillator, and ion concentration transducer

    Space and related biological and instrumentation studies

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    Research and experimental effort was carried out on high-density photo-optical recorder design, implantable pH electrodes and the mangetic/doppler blood-flow sensor
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