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    Higher order Jordan Osserman Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

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    We study the higher order Jacobi operator in pseudo-Riemannian geometry. We exhibit a family of manifolds so that this operator has constant Jordan normal form on the Grassmannian of subspaces of signature (r,s) for certain values of (r,s). These pseudo-Riemannian manifolds are new and non-trivial examples of higher order Osserman manifolds

    Complete curvature homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

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    We exhibit 3 families of complete curvature homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds which are modeled on irreducible symmetric spaces and which are not locally homogeneous. All of the manifolds have nilpotent Jacobi operators; some of the manifolds are, in addition, Jordan Osserman and Jordan Ivanov-Petrova.Comment: Update paper to fix misprints in original versio

    Isometry groups of k-curvature homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian manifolds

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    We study the isometry groups and Killing vector fields of a family of pseudo-Riemannian metrics on Euclidean space which have neutral signature (3+2p,3+2p). All are p+2 curvature homogeneous, all have vanishing Weyl scalar invariants, all are geodesically complete, and all are 0-curvature modeled on an indecomposible symmetric space. Some of these manifolds are not p+3 curvature homogeneous. Some are homogeneous but not symmetric

    Affine curvature homogeneous 3-dimensional Lorentz Manifolds

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    We study a family of 3-dimensional Lorentz manifolds. Some members of the family are 0-curvature homogeneous, 1-affine curvature homogeneous, but not 1-curvature homogeneous. Some are 1-curvature homogeneous but not 2-curvature homogeneous. All are 0-modeled on indecomposible local symmetric spaces. Some of the members of the family are geodesically complete, others are not. All have vanishing scalar invariants

    The spectral geometry of the canonical Riemannian submersion of a compact Lie Group

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    Let G be a compact connected Lie group which is equipped with a bi-invariant Riemannian metric. Let m(x,y)=xy be the multiplication operator. We show the associated fibration m mapping GxG to G is a Riemannian submersion with totally geodesic fibers and we study the spectral geometry of this submersion. We show the pull back of eigenforms on the base have finite Fourier series on the total space and we give examples where arbitrarily many Fourier coefficients can be non-zero. We give necessary and sufficient conditions that the pull back of a form on the base is harmonic on the total space
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