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    Summary of patient characteristics.

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    *<p>Gender was missing in 19 cases.</p>**<p>Last five years of study only.</p>†<p>In those for whom country of birth is recorded, the five largest non-UK countries were Pakistan (35.8%), India (20.1%), Somalia (13.9%), Bangladesh (4.9%) and Zimbabwe (3.0%).</p>‡<p>18 cases did not have site of infection notified.</p

    Seasonal difference in tuberculosis notifications.

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    <p>Note.– The solid lines show the percentage of excess notifications compared to winter, the interrupted lines are the 95% confidence intervals. <b>A.</b> all notifications; <b>B.</b> pulmonary tuberculosis only; <b>C.</b> extra-pulmonary tuberculosis only; <b>D.</b> Non-UK-born cases only; <b>E.</b> UK-born cases only.</p

    Total hours of sunshine and tuberculosis notifications.

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    <p>Note.– The thin black line above is the tuberculosis incidence per season. The tuberculosis incidence has been decomposed into a trend component (the thick blue line above) and a stochastic seasonal component (the thick red line across the middle of the graph). The thick black line below is the total hours of sunshine per season shifted two seasons (six months) to the right. Thin vertical interrupted lines mark the winter troughs in hours of sunlight. The graph shows that troughs in the total hours of sunshine per season correlate with peaks in the number of tuberculosis notifications two seasons later.</p