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    Standard Giant Branches in the Washington Photometric System

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    We have obtained CCD photometry in the Washington system C,T1 filters for some 850,000 objects associated with 10 Galactic globular clusters and 2 old open clusters. These clusters have well-known metal abundances, spanning a metallicity range of 2.5 dex from [Fe/H]~-2.25 to +0.25 at a spacing of ~0.2 dex. Analogous to the method employed by Da Costa and Armandroff (1990, AJ, 100, 162) for V,I photometry, we then proceed to construct standard giant branches for these clusters. The Washington system technique is found to have three times the metallicity sensitivity of the V,I technique. Thus, for a given photometric accuracy, metallicities can be determined three times more precisely with the Washington technique. We find a linear relationship between (C-T1)o (at M(T1)=-2) and metallicity (on the Zinn 1985, ApJ, 293, 424 scale) exists over the full metallicity range, with an rms of only 0.04 dex. We also derive methods to determine distance, reddening and metallicity simultaneously, and note that the Washington system holds great potential for deriving accurate ages as well.Comment: To be published in the 1999 AJ January issu

    Phase stability of chromium based compensated ferrimagnets with inverse Heusler structure

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    Chromium based inverse Heusler compounds of the type Cr2YZ (Y=Co, Fe; Z=Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, Sn) have been proposed as fully compensated half-metallic ferrimagnets. Such materials are of large interest for spintronics because they combine small magnetic moment with high spin polarization over a wide temperature range. We assess their thermodynamic stability by their formation enthalpies obtained from density functional theory calculations. All compounds under investigation are unstable. Cr2FeSi and Cr2CoAl are stable with respect to the elemental constituents, but decompose into binary phases. Cr2FeGe, Cr2CoGa, Cr2FeSn and Cr2CoIn are found to be unstable with respect to their elemental constituents. We identify possible binary decompositions.Comment: 3 pages, 1 figure, 2 table

    Interplay of growth mode and thermally induced spin accumulation in epitaxial Al/Co2_2TiSi/Al and Al/Co2_2TiGe/Al contacts

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    The feasibility of thermally driven spin injectors built from half-metallic Heusler alloys inserted between aluminum leads was investigated by means of {\em ab initio} calculations of the thermodynamic equilibrium and electronic transport. We have focused on two main issues and found that: (i) the interface between Al and the closely lattice-matched Heusler alloys of type Co2_2TiZZ (Z=Z= Si or Ge) is stable under various growth conditions; and (ii) the conventional and spin-dependent Seebeck coefficients in such heterojunctions exhibit a strong dependence on both the spacer and the atomic composition of the Al/Heusler interface. The latter quantity gives a measure of the spin accumulation and varies between +8+8~μ\muV/K and −3-3~μ\muV/K near 300300~K, depending on whether a Ti-Ge or a Co-Co plane makes the contact between Al and Co2_2TiGe in the trilayer. Our results show that it is in principle possible to tailor the spin-caloric effects by a targeted growth control of the samples.Comment: 16 pages, 13 figure

    Against all odds: fathers’ use of parental leave in Germany

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    This paper investigates fathers’ usage of parental leave in Germany based on data from the microcenses 1999-2005. We consider two competing hypotheses. On the one hand, we argue that value change is a driving force behind fathers’ engagement in parenting activities. We assume that the ‘new father’ can more often be found among highly educated and urban men who are believed to be the forerunners in terms of new values and ideas. We contrast this hypothesis with the assumption that economic factors are the main determinants of men’s parental leave decisions. Our main finding is that fathers are more likely to be on parental leave if they have a highly educated or older partner. We also find that employment through a temporary working contract substantially lowers the chances that men will take advantage of parental leave, while being employed in the public sector increases the chances that men will use their parental leave entitlement.Germany, employment
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