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    Bakteri Resisten Merkuri Pada Urine Pasien Tumpatan Amalgam Poli Gigi Puskesmas Bahu

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    Background: Amalgam is one of the most frequently used material in various existing dental restoration. The main composition of amalgam, mercury, is a heavy metal that can naturally be harmed for human health. Amalgam-mercury may expose to oral cavity, absorped in digestive tract, then excreted through urine. There are bacteria known as resistant to mercury. Therefore, researcher are interested to know is there any bacteria that are resistant to mercury in the human body through the urine. Research Methods: Descriptive explorative by taking urine samples from 5 patients amalgam restoration in dental clinic Puskesmas Bahu. The patients have used amalgam restoration at least for 5 years. Tests morphology, physiology, and biochemistry at the FMIPA Universitas Sam Ratulangi biotechnology lab. Results: The various tests show 6 genera of mercury resistant bacteria which survive up to 40 ppm, namely Alcaligenes, Neisseria, Planococcus, Marinococcus, Streptococcus, and Morococcus


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    Tujuan dilakukannya penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor  apa  yang  menjadi  penyebab  dilakukannya tindak pidana perdagangan orang  di  Indonesia dan bagaimana tindak pidana perdagangan orang sesuai Konvensi Palermo Tahun 2000 Menentang Kejahatan Transnasional Terorganisasi menurut UU No. 21 Tahun 2007 tentang Pemberantasan Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang, yang dengan metode penelitian hokum normative disimpulkan bahwa: 1. Faktor-faktor yang menjadi penyebab terjadinya perdagangan orang yaitu: kemiskinan, kurangnya tingkat pendidikan, kurangnya akses informasi, perkawinan dan perceraian di usia dini, tawaran materi yang menggiurkan, kekerasan yang terjadi dalam rumah tangga, lapangan kerja yang terbatas, ketergantungan Indonesia pada negara asing, kerusuhan, bencana alam dan lemahnya penegakan hukum bagi trafficker. 2.     Tindak Pidana Perdagangan Orang adalah kejahatan kemanusiaan yang termasuk sebagai salah satu kejahatan transnasional yang terorganisasi yang sangat serius dan sifatnya mendesak sehingga Indonesia sebagai negara anggota Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa harus turut serta untuk menjaga keamanan dan perdamaian di dunia dengan ikut meratifikasi Konvensi Palermo 2000 Menentang Kejahatan Transnasional Terorgansisi, khususnya Protokol II yang merupakan pelengkap dari Konvensi Palermo 2000 yang khusus mengatur tentang Perdagangan Orang. Indonesia wajib untuk mentaati seluruh prinsip-prinsip hukum dan norma-norma dalam konvensi itu, dan mengimplementasikannya dalam UU No. 21 Tahun 2007.      Kata kunci: perdagangan orang, palerm


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    Film is a medium that is widely used for education, information and entertainment media. This bullying phenomenon is often raised into Korean dramas and has become daily consumption for the global community. One of the Korean dramas that raises the phenomenon of bullying in the school environment with a fairly high rating is the Korean drama entitled The Glory. If examined from Christian Theology, the main point is love. The duty of believers is to convey love to people who have not done love as the Lord Jesus did. Problems to love can arise from not understanding love, understanding but not doing it or starting to degrade the meaning of love in believers. The author uses qualitative research methods with a literary and historical-critical approach. The purpose of this writing is to try to remind again about the warmth of love for believers so that violence such as bullying and revenge are not carried out by Christians who believe in Christ


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    The purpose of this research is to determine the antioxidant activity of phenolic extracts of cassava tuber cortex white meat and yellow meat. Cortex cassava tubers extracted by methods reflux. After that, extract total phenolic content in the test. Determination of the free radical scavengers activities determined using DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhidrazil). The results of this study indicate that extracts of the cortex of cassava tubers and white flesh and yellow flesh contains total phenolic respectively 48.87 ± 0.057; 56.43 ± 0.174 mg / kg. Activities are free radical scavengers with DPPH showed that cassava tuber cortex extract yellow flesh has a radical antidote activity higher than white flesh extract. The result showed that phenolic extracts of cassava tuber cortex has antioxidant activity.   Key words : antioxidants, cassava tuber cortex, phenolic extrac

    Analisis Faktor-faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Penyerapan Anggaran Pendapatan Dan Belanja Daerah (APBD) Pemerintah Kabupaten Kepulauan Talaud

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    . Budget is a statement regarding the estimation of the performance to be achieved during a certain period of time stated in the financial measures and expressed how much it costs to the plans made (expenses / expenditures) as well as how much and how to get money to fund the plan. Budget (APBD) is the annual local government financial policy which is based on statutory provisions in force, a number of considerations for the formulation, monitoring, control and evaluation is done. Absorption of budget revenues and expenditures significantly influence the increasing of regional economic growth. The average absorption of budget revenues and expenditures Government Talaud Islands in the year 2012-2015 was 94.03%. This study is aimed to analyze the factors that influence the absorption of budget revenues and expenditures (budget) on the Talaud Islands Government. The data used in this research were primary data. Data were collected by using questionnaires. This is a quantitative research with multiple linear regression analysis. There are five independent variables and one dependent variable. Those five independent variables are planning budget (X1), the implementation of the budget (X2), the procurement of goods and services (X3), management commitment (X4), and bureaucracy (X5). The dependent variable is the budget absorption (Y). The results show that either simultaneously or partially, budget planning, budget execution, procurement of goods and services, management commitment and bureaucratic environment positively and significantly influence the absorption of budget revenues and expenditures (budget) in the Talaud Islands Government. The magnitude of the effect of these five variables against excess absorption can be described by the coefficient of determination at 73.3% and the remaining of 26.7% is influenced by other factors excluded within this research

    The Analysis of Internal Control System of Credit at PT Bank Sulut Tbk Central Office Manado

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    Banks are very important in sustaining the strength and fluency of the payment system and the effectiveness of monetary policy. Moreover, the bank is also the financial institutions most urgently needed in economic development. Credit in order to accelerate economic development largely channeled by banks. As a financial institution, the largest asset owned by banks are financial assets. Therefore, internal control is very important in suppressing/assessing the risks that would arise, as well as protecting the companys assets to achieve organizational goals. The purpose of this study was to analyze the internal control systems of credit at PT. Bank Sulut Tbk Office Manado. The method used is descriptive qualitative analysis method, in which the research was carried out by comparing the existing internal control system in the Banks of the theory is based on five elements of internal control comprising: control environment, risk assessment, control procedures, information and communications and surveillance. The results shows that credit control system at PT Bank Sulut Tbk Office Manado has been good. Suggestions submitted that the management of PT Bank Sulut Office Manado should maintain the stability of credit based on the internal control mechanisms that have been implemented at this time. Keywords: internal control, credit, ban

    Implementasi Metode Gravitasi Untuk Pemodelan Konseptual Sistem Panas Bumi Daerah Karaha-Talaga Bodas, Provinsi Jawa Barat

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    The high usage of non-renewable energy and the uncertainty of heat sources in the Karaha- Talaga Bodas area are the background of this research. The high usage of non-renewable energy over-increased necessity can cause the reserve become depleted. Therefore, a different perspective is needed by switching the use of non-renewable to renewable energy, which is geothermal energy. To optimize the potential of geothermal, simillar research about geothermal’s system component is needed, which is heat source. This piece of information regarding the probability of the heat source being foreseeable from the surface, but the detail is still less-effective since most of the possible heat sources do not correspond to those indicated from the surface information, thereby, the gravity method can validating the probability of the heat source. The research purposely indicates the heat source and foresees the conceptual geothermal system in Karaha-Talaga Bodas area using the gravity method. The surface’s study results shows a probability of heat source as the eruption centers in the Karaha-Talaga Bodas area. The gravity’s study results shows a probability of heat source by the Bouguer anomaly, regional gravity anomaly, residual gravity anomaly, and high-density in the Talaga Bodas subsurface area. Meanwhile, the gravity’s study results shows a probability of heat source in Karaha subsurface by the residual gravity anomaly and high density contrast. Based on the conceptual model of Karaha- Talaga Bodas geothermal system, it can be interpreted that the geothermal system in Karaha and Talaga Bodas has different heat source.Tingginya penggunaan energi tak-terbarukan dan ketidakpastian sumber panas di daerah Karaha-Talaga Bodas menjadi latar belakang dalam penelitian ini. Tingginya penggunaan energi tak-terbarukan seiring meningkatnya kebutuhan dapat menyebabkan cadangan energi tak-terbarukan menjadi menipis. Oleh karena itu diperlukan perubahan cara pandang, yaitu dengan melakukan peralihan penggunaan energi tak-terbarukan menjadi energi terbarukan, yang salah satunya adalah energi panas bumi. Untuk mengoptimalkan potensi panas bumi, dibutuhkan penelitan terkait identifikasi komponen sistem panas bumi, yang salah satunya adalah sumber panas. Informasi mengenai kemungkinan sumber panas dapat diperkirakan melalui informasi permukaan, namun informasi tersebut masih kurang efektif, karena sebagian besar kemungkinan sumber panas tidak benar-benar sesuai dengan yang diindikasikan dari informasi permukaan, sehingga diperlukan metode untuk memvalidasi kemungkinan sumber panas tersebut, yang salah satu metodenya adalah gravitasi.  Tujuan  penelitian  adalah  untuk   mengidentifikasi sumber panas dan memperkirakan model konseptual sistem panas bumi Karaha-Talaga Bodas dengan menggunakan metode gravitasi. Hasil kajian permukaan menunjukkan adanya kemungkinan sumber panas berupa pusat-pusat erupsi di daerah Karaha-Talaga Bodas. Hasil kajian gravitasi menunjukkan adanya kemungkinan sumber panas berdasarkan nilai anomali Bouguer, anomali gravitasi regional, anomali gravitasi residual, dan densitas yang tinggi di bawah daerah Talaga Bodas. Sedangkan kemungkinan sumber panas di bawah daerah Karaha ditunjukkan dengan nilai anomali gravitasi residual dan kontras densitas yang tinggi. Berdasarkan model konseptual sistem panas bumi Karaha-Talaga Bodas, dapat diinterpretasikan sistem panas bumi Karaha dan Talaga Bodas mempunyai sumber panas yang berbeda. &nbsp
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