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    New and rare lichens and allied fungi from the Novgorod Region, Russia

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    44 species of lichen-forming, lichenicolous and non-lichenized fungi are reported from the Novgorod Region, 34 of them are new to the region. Leptogium biatorinum is new to European Russia. Nephromopsis laureri is red-listed in Russian Federation and should be included in the Red Data Book of the Novgorod Region. Most noteworthy records are briefly discussed. Two species – Collema callopismum and Hertelidea botryosa – are excluded from the lichen list of the Novgorod Region

    A new Nalassus Mulsant, 1854 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) from Transcaucasia with a key to species from the Greater Caucasus and notes on the taxonomy, distribution, bionomics and trophic relations

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    A brief well-illustrated review of the tenebrionid genus Nalassus Mulsant, 1854 from the Greater Caucasus is presented. A new species, N. (Caucasonotus) negrobovi Nabozhenko, sp. n. is described from the alpine zone of Abkhazia. This species is similar to N. dombaicus (Nabozhenko, 2000), N. adriani (Reitter, 1922) and N. alanicus (Nabozhenko, 2000), but differs in the structure of eyes, antennae, pronotum and elytral interstriae. The following new synonyms are proposed after examination of a series of beetles and type specimens: Nalas­sus dissonus Nabozhenko, 2001 = Nalassus lutshniki Nabozhenko, 2001, syn. n.; Nalassus colchicus madlenae Nabozhenko, 2013 = Nalassus kartvelius Nabozhenko, 2013, syn. n.; Helops cambyses Seidlitz, 1895 = Cylindronotus ahngeri Medvedev, 1998, syn. n. Keys to species from the Greater Caucasus on males and females are given. New data on bionomics, landscape and habitat distribution and trophic relations are given. Interesting patterns are observed at the level of ecological groups: forest species feed mainly on corticolous foliose lichens from the family Physciaceae Zahlbr., while alpine Nalassus use saxicolous foliose lichens from the family Parmeliaceae Zenker; steppe species feed on terricolous foliose lichens at least from the family Cladoniaceae Zenker

    New records of lichens and allied fungi from the Leningrad region, Russia. VII

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    Fourteen species of lichens, fifteen lichenicolous fungi and one saprobic fungus are reported for the first time for St. Petersburg, Western or Eastern Leningrad Region. The lichen Lecidella meiococca and the lichenicolous fungus Tremella phaeophysciae are reported as new to Russia, the lichen Lecania sambucina and the lichenicolous fungus Endococcus tricolorans are new for the European Russia, the lichens Buellia arborea, Chaenotheca cinerea, Bellemerea sanguinea, resinicolous calicioid fungus Chaenothecopsis mediarossica and lichenicolous fungi Arthonia molendoi, Lichenochora obscuroides, Pronectria leptaleae, Sphaerellothecium cladoniae are new for the North-Western European Russia. The most interesting records are briefly discussed