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    Canonical Quantization and Expanding Metrics

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    The canonical formalism for expanding metrics scenarios is presented. Non-unitary time evolution implied by expanding geometry is described as a trajectory over unitarily inequivalent representations at different times of the canonical commutation relations. Thermal properties of inflating Universe are also discussed.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figure

    The dissipative quantum model of brain: how do memory localize in correlated neuronal domains

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    The mechanism of memory localization in extended domains is described in the framework of the parametric dissipative quantum model of brain. The size of the domains and the capability in memorizing depend on the number of links the system is able to establish with the external world.Comment: 19 PostScript pages, in press on a special issue of Information Science Journal, S. Kak and D. Ventura Ed

    Formation and life-time of memory domains in the dissipative quantum model of brain

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    We show that in the dissipative quantum model of brain the time-dependence of the frequencies of the electrical dipole wave quanta leads to the dynamical organization of the memories in space (i.e. to their localization in more or less diffused regions of the brain) and in time (i.e. to their longer or shorter life-time). The life-time and the localization in domains of the memory states also depend on internal parameters and on the number of links that the brain establishes with the external world. These results agree with the physiological observations of the dynamic formation of neural circuitry which grows as brain develops and relates to external world.Comment: LaTex file, 4 figures, 19 page

    Quantization of scalar fields in curved background, deformed Hopf algebra and entanglement

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    A suitable deformation of the Hopf algebra of the creation and annihilation operators for a complex scalar field, initially quantized in Minkowski space--time, induces the canonical quantization of the same field in a generic gravitational background. The deformation parameter q turns out to be related to the gravitational field. The entanglement of the quantum vacuum appears to be robust against interaction with the environment.Comment: 4 pages, to appear in Proceedings of the XXIV International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Paris, 14-21 July 200

    Understanding flavor mixing in Quantum Field Theory

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    We report on recent results showing that a rich non-perturbative vacuum structure is associated with flavor mixing in Quantum Field Theory. We treat explicitly the case of mixing among three generations of Dirac fermions. Exact oscillation formulas are presented exhibiting new features with respect to the usual ones. CP and T violation are also discussed.Comment: 9 pages. Presented at the "International Conference on Flavor Physics", Zhang-Jia-Jie, China, May 31 - June 6 200

    Dark energy, cosmological constant and neutrino mixing

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    The today estimated value of dark energy can be achieved by the vacuum condensate induced by neutrino mixing phenomenon. Such a tiny value is recovered for a cut-off of the order of Planck scale and it is linked to the sub eV neutrino mass scale. Contributions to dark energy from auxiliary fields or mechanisms are not necessary in this approach.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figure
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