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    Domain walls in gapped graphene

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    The electronic properties of a particular class of domain walls in gapped graphene are investigated. We show that they can support mid-gap states which are localized in the vicinity of the domain wall and propagate along its length. With a finite density of domain walls, these states can alter the electronic properties of gapped graphene significantly. If the mid-gap band is partially filled,the domain wall can behave like a one-dimensional metal embedded in a semi-conductor, and could potentially be used as a single-channel quantum wire.Comment: 4 pgs. revte

    Charge Screening in the Finite Temperature Schwinger Model

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    We compute the effective action and correlators of the Polyakov loop operator in the Schwinger model at finite temperature and discuss the realization of the discrete symmetries that occur there. We show that, due to nonlocal effects of massless fermions in two spacetime dimensions, the discrete symmetry which governs the screening of charges is spontaneously broken even in an effective one-dimensional model, when the volume is infinite. In this limit, the thermal state of the Schwinger model screens an arbitrary external charge; consequently the model is in the deconfined phase, with the charge of the deconfined fermions completely screened. In a finite volume we show that the Schwinger model is always confining.Comment: 27 pages, latex, no figures. References addded and some misprints correcte
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