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    Instrument accurately measures weld angle and offset

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    Weld angle is measured to the nearest arc minute and offset to one thousandth of an inch by an instrument designed to use a reference plane at two locations on a test coupon. A special table for computation has been prepared for use with the instrument

    Tempered Fermions in the Hybrid Monte Carlo Algorithm

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    Parallel tempering simulates at many quark masses simultaneously, by changing the mass during the simulation while remaining in equilibrium. The algorithm is faster than pure HMC if more than one mass is needed, and works better the smaller the smallest mass is.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, Combined proceedings for Lattice 97, Edinburgh and the International Workshop 'Lattice QCD on Parallel Computers', University of Tsukuba, Japa

    Relaxed damage threshold intensity conditions and nonlinear increase in the conversion efficiency of an optical parametric oscillator using a bi-directional pump geometry

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    A novel bi-directional pump geometry that nonlinearly increases the nonlinear optical conversion efficiency of a synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillator (OPO) is reported. This bi-directional pumping method synchronizes the circulating signal pulse with two counter-propagating pump pulses within a linear OPO resonator. Through this pump scheme, an increase in nonlinear optical conversion efficiency of 22% was achieved at the signal wavelength, corresponding to a 95% overall increase in average power. Given an almost unchanged measured pulse duration of 260 fs under optimal performance conditions, this related to a signal wavelength peak power output of 18.8 kW, compared with 10 kW using the traditional single-pass geometry. In this study, a total effective peak intensity pump-field of 7.11 GW/cm(2) (corresponding to 3.55 GW/cm(2) from each pump beam) was applied to a 3 mm long periodically poled lithium niobate crystal, which had a damage threshold intensity of 4 GW/cm(2), without impairing crystal integrity. We therefore prove the application of this novel pump geometry provides opportunities for power-scaling of synchronously pumped OPO systems together with enhanced nonlinear conversion efficiency through relaxed damage threshold intensity conditions

    Strong monotonicity in mixed-state entanglement manipulation

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    A strong entanglement monotone, which never increases under local operations and classical communications (LOCC), restricts quantum entanglement manipulation more strongly than the usual monotone since the usual one does not increase on average under LOCC. We propose new strong monotones in mixed-state entanglement manipulation under LOCC. These are related to the decomposability and 1-positivity of an operator constructed from a quantum state, and reveal geometrical characteristics of entangled states. These are lower bounded by the negativity or generalized robustness of entanglement.Comment: 6 pages and 1 figure. A brief discussion about the connection to asymptotic distillability was adde

    True Airspeed Measurement by Ionization-Tracer Technique

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    Ion bundles produced in a pulse-excited corona discharge are used as tracers with a radar-like pulse transit-time measuring instrument in order to provide a measurement of airspeed that is independent of all variables except time and distance. The resulting instrumentation need not project into the air stream and, therefore, will not cause any interference in supersonic flow. The instrument was tested at Mach numbers ranging from 0.3 to 3.8. Use of the proper instrumentation and technique results in accuracy of the order of 1 percent

    Electromagnetically Induced Transparency with Quantized Fields in Optocavity Mechanics

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    We report electromagnetically induced transparency using quantized fields in optomechanical systems. The weak probe field is a narrow band squeezed field. We present a homodyne detection of EIT in the output quantum field. We find that the EIT dip exists even though the photon number in the squeezed vacuum is at the single photon level. The EIT with quantized fields can be seen even at temperatures of the order of 100 mK paving the way for using optomechanical systems as memory elements.Comment: 6 pages, 5 figure
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