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    Improving Transformer-based Image Matching by Cascaded Capturing Spatially Informative Keypoints

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    Learning robust local image feature matching is a fundamental low-level vision task, which has been widely explored in the past few years. Recently, detector-free local feature matchers based on transformers have shown promising results, which largely outperform pure Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based ones. But correlations produced by transformer-based methods are spatially limited to the center of source views' coarse patches, because of the costly attention learning. In this work, we rethink this issue and find that such matching formulation degrades pose estimation, especially for low-resolution images. So we propose a transformer-based cascade matching model -- Cascade feature Matching TRansformer (CasMTR), to efficiently learn dense feature correlations, which allows us to choose more reliable matching pairs for the relative pose estimation. Instead of re-training a new detector, we use a simple yet effective Non-Maximum Suppression (NMS) post-process to filter keypoints through the confidence map, and largely improve the matching precision. CasMTR achieves state-of-the-art performance in indoor and outdoor pose estimation as well as visual localization. Moreover, thorough ablations show the efficacy of the proposed components and techniques.Comment: Accepted by ICCV2023, Codes will be released in https://github.com/ewrfcas/CasMT