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    Asymptotic simplicity and static data

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    The present article considers time symmetric initial data sets for the vacuum Einstein field equations which in a neighbourhood of infinity have the same massless part as that of some static initial data set. It is shown that the solutions to the regular finite initial value problem at spatial infinity for this class of initial data sets extend smoothly through the critical sets where null infinity touches spatial infinity if and only if the initial data sets coincide with static data in a neighbourhood of infinity. This result highlights the special role played by static data among the class of initial data sets for the Einstein field equations whose development gives rise to a spacetime with a smooth conformal compactification at null infinity.Comment: 25 page

    General Relativistic Scalar Field Models in the Large

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    For a class of scalar fields including the massless Klein-Gordon field the general relativistic hyperboloidal initial value problems are equivalent in a certain sense. By using this equivalence and conformal techniques it is proven that the hyperboloidal initial value problem for those scalar fields has an unique solution which is weakly asymptotically flat. For data sufficiently close to data for flat spacetime there exist a smooth future null infinity and a regular future timelike infinity.Comment: 22 pages, latex, AGG 1

    A Method for Calculating the Structure of (Singular) Spacetimes in the Large

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    A formalism and its numerical implementation is presented which allows to calculate quantities determining the spacetime structure in the large directly. This is achieved by conformal techniques by which future null infinity (\Scri{}^+) and future timelike infinity (i+i^+) are mapped to grid points on the numerical grid. The determination of the causal structure of singularities, the localization of event horizons, the extraction of radiation, and the avoidance of unphysical reflections at the outer boundary of the grid, are demonstrated with calculations of spherically symmetric models with a scalar field as matter and radiation model.Comment: 29 pages, AGG2

    Initial boundary value problems for Einstein's field equations and geometric uniqueness

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    While there exist now formulations of initial boundary value problems for Einstein's field equations which are well posed and preserve constraints and gauge conditions, the question of geometric uniqueness remains unresolved. For two different approaches we discuss how this difficulty arises under general assumptions. So far it is not known whether it can be overcome without imposing conditions on the geometry of the boundary. We point out a natural and important class of initial boundary value problems which may offer possibilities to arrive at a fully covariant formulation.Comment: 19 page

    Site-selective spectroscopy and level ordering in C-phycocyanin

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    We present a combined fluorescence and hole-burning study of the biliprotein C-phycocyanin. Sharp zero-phonon holes compare with a broad structureless fluorescence. This finding is rationalized in terms of the special level structure in this pigment, the fast energy-transfer processes and a lack of correlation of the energies of the emissive states
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