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    Backpropagating neurons from bichromatic interaction with a three-level system

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    Optical implementation of a backpropagating neuron by means of a nonlinear Fabry-Perot etalon requires thresholding a forward signal beam while the transmittance of a backpropagating beam is multiplied by the differential of the forward signal. This is achievable by inputting a bichromatic field to a three-level system in an optical cavity. The response characteristics of this device have the added possibility of adaptability of the threshold by the backward probe input intensity

    Prospectus, October 17, 1972

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    THE AGE OF CONSENT; Cast Complete for \u27Take Her, She\u27s Mine\u27; Leadership Conference; UNICEF Drive; Cruisin\u27 \u2772; Local Radio Digest; Gripes Gripes; Prospectus Volunteers; Help!; For Sale; Illinois Federation of Veterans in College Convention; Book Review: Open mMarriage: A New Life Style for Couples; Concert; ARGHH!!https://spark.parkland.edu/prospectus_1972/1004/thumbnail.jp

    Die Bavaria Film 1919 bis 1945: eine Unternehmensgeschichte im Spannungsfeld kulturpolitischer und ökonomischer Einflüsse

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    Gegenstand der vorgelegten Dissertation ist die Erforschung der Entstehung und der Entwicklung der bayerischen Filmproduktionsfirma „Münchner Lichtspielkunst AG“ („Emelka“) zu einem vertikalen, internationalen Filmkonzern, der als „Bavaria Film“ während der Gleichschaltung und Verstaatlichung durch die Nationalsozialisten wirtschaftlich und infrastrukturell unbeschadet den Zweiten Weltkrieg übersteht und demnächst 100 Jahre seines Bestehens feiert. Die Entwicklung des Konzerns verläuft synchron mit dem kulturpolitischen und ökonomischen Wandel in der Weimarer Republik und im Drittem Reich und ist durch diesen Wandel determiniert. Mit Hilfe des hermeneutischen Ansatzes wird die Geschichte des süddeutschen Ufa-Gegenpols in mehreren Zeitabschnitten erforscht und analysiert, um ein Gesamtbild der „Bavaria Film“ in der untersuchten Zeit zu rekonstruieren. Die vorgelegte Arbeit ist interdisziplinär und soll als Beitrag zur modernen Unternehmensgeschichte verstanden werden

    Prospectus, September 20, 1971

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    WELCOME TO P.C.; Coalition For Voter Registration, Student Voter Registration: What You Need to Know; Policy Changes On Student Deferments; President\u27s Message; Bull Sheet: Tournament of Roses Float Queen Contest, S.A.S.L.A., Prairie Cycle Club Sponsors 100 Mile Ride, Music Department Currently Enrolling, Road Rally Club, Merchandise For Sale, Gift Pack, Help A Child; Parking Stickers For Students; Legend Of Campus Buildings; Parkland Intramurals; A New Colorful Way To Fly; Do You Have Insurance?https://spark.parkland.edu/prospectus_1971/1005/thumbnail.jp

    Non-minimal couplings in two dimensional gravity: a quantum investigation

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    We investigate the quantum effects of the non-minimal matter-gravity couplings derived by Cangemi and Jackiw in the realm of a specific fermionic theory, namely the abelian Thirring model on a Riemann surface of genus zero and one. The structure and the strength of the new interactions are seen to be highly constrained, when the topology of the underlying manifold is taken into account. As a matter of fact, by requiring to have a well-defined action, we are led both to quantization rules for the coupling constants and to selection rules for the correlation functions. Explicit quantum computations are carried out in genus one (torus). In particular the two-point function and the chiral condensate are carefully derived for this case. Finally the effective gravitational action, coming from integrating out the fermionic degrees of freedoom, is presented. It is different from the standard Liouville one: a new non-local functional of the conformal factor arises and the central charge is improved, depending also on the Thirring coupling constant. This last feature opens the possibility of giving a new explicit representation of the minimal series in terms of a fermionic interacting model.Comment: Latex, 41 Page

    Prospectus, March 12, 1971

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    PARKLAND LIBRARY IS MEETING NEEDS OF STUDENTS ; Letter To Students; Universities Are Defenseless; Guest Column; Uncle Sam Wants You (a come on); Letter To Editor; Concert Critique; Bull Page: Used Books, Yearbook, Parking Problems, Wit N\u27 Wisdom, Music Minded?, Class Rings, Petitions Due, Gemini House, Final Week Movies, No Paper, Road Rally, Hotline; All Things Must Pass: Reflections On The Frazier-Ali Fight; Baseball Season Underway; Chet Lewis To Nat\u27l.https://spark.parkland.edu/prospectus_1971/1010/thumbnail.jp

    Automated Configuration of Gripper Fingers from a Construction Kit for Robotic Applications

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    Gripper finger design is a complex process that requires a lot of experience, time, and effort. For this reason, automating this design process is an important area of research that has the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of robotic systems. The current approaches are aimed at the automated design of monolithic gripper fingers, which have to be manufactured additively or by machining. This paper describes a novel approach for the automated design of gripper fingers. The motivation for this work stems from the increasing demand for flexible, adaptable handling systems in various industries in response to the increasing individualization of products as well as the increasing volatility in the markets. Based on the CAD data of the handling objects, the most suitable configuration of gripper fingers can be determined from the existing modules of a construction kit for the respective handling object, which can significantly reduce the provisioning time for new gripper fingers. It can be shown that gripper fingers can be effectively configured for a variety of objects and two different grippers, increasing flexibility in industrial handling processes

    Geometric structure of the generic static traversable wormhole throat

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    Traversable wormholes have traditionally been viewed as intrinsically topological entities in some multiply connected spacetime. Here, we show that topology is too limited a tool to accurately characterize a generic traversable wormhole: in general one needs geometric information to detect the presence of a wormhole, or more precisely to locate the wormhole throat. For an arbitrary static spacetime we shall define the wormhole throat in terms of a 2-dimensional constant-time hypersurface of minimal area. (Zero trace for the extrinsic curvature plus a "flare-out" condition.) This enables us to severely constrain the geometry of spacetime at the wormhole throat and to derive generalized theorems regarding violations of the energy conditions-theorems that do not involve geodesic averaging but nevertheless apply to situations much more general than the spherically symmetric Morris-Thorne traversable wormhole. [For example: the null energy condition (NEC), when suitably weighted and integrated over the wormhole throat, must be violated.] The major technical limitation of the current approach is that we work in a static spacetime-this is already a quite rich and complicated system.Comment: 25 pages; plain LaTeX; uses epsf.sty (four encapsulated postscript figures
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