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    A salary system for the assignment problem

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    We propose a modification to the concept of the potential of agame à la Hart-Mas Colell to determine a salary system for theassignment problem. We obtain explicit formulas for the potentialof the assignment problem and for it's corresponding salarysystem. Also, we establish some properties of this salary systemand we give an interpretation in terms of the Shapley value.assignment problem

    An elementary characterization of the Gini index

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    The Gini coefficient or index is perhaps one of the most used indicators of social and economic conditions. In this paper we characterize the Gini index as the unique function that satisfies the properties of scale invariance, symmetry, proportionality and convexity in similar rankings. Furthermore, we discuss a simpler way to compute it.Gini index, income inequality, axiomatization

    Is information and communication technology (ICT) the right strategy for growth in Mexico?

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    Although empirical evidence available suggests that information and communication technologies (ICT) have positively contributed to important sectors of the Mexican economy, it is still unknown to which extent ICT have truly contributed to productivity among these sectors. The increasing implementation and imports of ICT technologies, the growing demand for ICT-skilled human capital and training, the rising level of wages and the large demand and adoption of these technologies seem to indicate a positive correlation between ICT implementation and economic growth in Mexico. To answer whether ICT may be a key strategy for economic growth in the Mexican economy is the main purpose of this work. --Information technology,total factor productivity,growth,knowledge,human capital,technology diffusion

    Solutions without dummy axiom for TU cooperative games

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    In this paper we study an expression for all additive, symmetric and efficient solutions, i.e., the set of axioms that traditionally are used to characterize the Shapley value except for the dummy axiom. Also, we obtain an expression for this kind of solutions by including the self duality axiom. These expressions allow us to give an alternative formula for the consensus value, the generalized consensus value and the solidarity solution. Furthermore, we introduce a new axiom called coalitional independence which replaces the symmetry axiom and use it to get similar results.axiomatic characterization

    Development of a multiblock procedure for automated generation of two-dimensional quadrilateral meshes of gear drives

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    This article describes a new multiblock procedure for automated generation of two-dimensional quadrilateral meshes of gear drives. The typical steps of the multiblock schemes have been investigated in depth to obtain a fast and simple way to mesh planar sections of gear teeth, allowing local mesh refinement and minimizing the appearance of distorted elements in the mesh. The proposed procedure is completed with two different mesh quality enhancement techniques. One of them is applied before the mesh is generated, and reduces the distortion of the mesh without increasing the computational time of the meshing process. The other one is applied once the mesh is generated, and reduces the distortion of the elements by means of a mesh smoothing method. The performance of the proposed procedure has been illustrated with several numerical examples, which demonstrate its ability to mesh different gear geometries under several meshing boundary conditions

    One Man, Two Stories: The Differing Legacies of Rikidozan

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    Kim Sin-rak(November 14th, 1924- October 28th, 1963), better known as Rikidozan, is one of the most decorated professional wrestlers of all time. Born in the Northern part of Korea, he immigrated to Japan to become a sumo wrestler. Though he had some success in the world of sumo wrestling, his dispute with his stable master would lead to Rikidozan retiring from the sport to become a black marketeer and construction worker. His life would change after being recruited by American professional wrestler and promoter Bobby Bruns to come along on a wrestling tour of Japan. After this first tour was done, he left for the United States where his fame and popularity steadily grew. He was soon established as Japan's biggest professional wrestling star, defeating the imposing American wrestlers through sheer strength, tenacity, and sumo-based chops. At the time of Rikidozan's rise to superstardom, Japan was left reeling after surrendering to the United States in 1945. The Japanese people needed a hero, and Rikidozan became that hero. Millions of Japanese citizens crowded television screens in order to watch Rikidozan fight off American wrestlers, giving hope to a downtrodden nation. Rikidozan's storied career would leave behind a major impact on Japan, becoming the first postwar hero who embraced Japanese ideals. His foundation of the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance in 1953 was the starting point for the establishment of puroresu, or Japanese pro wrestling. His JWA paved the way for companies like New Japan Pro Wrestling to become both a domestic and worldwide phenomenon. Japan was not the only country to have idolized Rikidozan as a national hero, however. Years after Rikidozan's death, North Korea claimed Rikidozan as their own national hero. Though Rikidozan lived life as a Japanese star, he was born as Kim Sin-rak, an ethnic North Korean. North Korea published multiple pieces of state propaganda re-writing the narrative of Rikidozan's career to fit the views of North Korea, to inspire their citizens to follow state teachings. Rikidozan was repackaged into a North Korean patriot who hated Japan and loved his home country, and had fought and dedicated his matches to the Supreme Leader Kim Il-sung. He did not simply defeat wrestlers, he had fought off almost mythical beings in American and Japanese wrestlers and became the symbol of strength and resillience in North Korea.This essay seeks to examine both of the differing stories told about Rikidozan's career, and contextualize them with their respective time period. Rikidozan's career in the Japanese telling is post-World War 2, while the North Korean telling lines up more accurately with the later half of the Cold War. Rikidozan's career is examined with an understanding of the ins and outs of professional wrestling and historical context behind the concurrent events during Rikidozan's career and the North Korean re-telling of that career

    Un modelo de intervenciĂłn para una motricidad expresiva y creativa

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    Las actividades físicas artístico-expresivas desarrollan el potencial expresivo, comunicativo,estético y creador del niño. Pero para poder hacerlo con éxito precisamos herramientas didåcticas, de acuerdo con los nuevos paradigmas educativos, que posibiliten llevarlo a cabo de forma pråctica en el aula. En el presente artículo reflexionamos sobre los principios que deben regir su diseño e implementación, utilizando los recursos que nos brindan los procesos creativos, y proponemos un modelo de intervención didåctica elaborado específicamente para tal fin: el proceso 3-E