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    Semiclassical description of the kinematically complete experiments

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    Based on the semiclassical, impact parameter method a theoretical model is constructed to calculate totally differential cross sections for single ionization of helium by impact with fast C6+^{6+} ions. Good agreement with the experiment is achieved in the scattering plane, while in the perpendicular plane a similar structure to that observed experimentally is obtained. The contribution of different partial waves to the cross section is also investigated.Comment: 9 pages, 6 figure

    An exploratory investigation of the effect of a plastic coating on the profile drag of a practical-metal-construction sailplane airfoil

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    The Langley low-turbulence pressure tunnel to determine the effect of a plastic coating on the profile drag of a practical-metal-construction sailplane airfoil was investigated. The model was tested with three surface configurations: (1) filled, painted, and sanded smooth; (2) rough bare metal; and (3) plastic-coated. The results are compared with data for the design airfoil (Wortmann FX 67-K-170/17) from another low-turbulence wind tunnel. The investigation was conducted at Reynolds numbers based on airfoil chord of 1.1 x 10 to the 6th power, 2.2 x 10 to the 6th power, and 3.3 x 10 to the 6th power at a Mach number of 0.10

    The curatorial consequences of being moved, moveable or portable: the case of carved stones

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    It matters whether a carved stone is moved, moveable or portable. This influences perceptions of significance and of form and nature – is it a monument or an artefact? This duality may in turn affect understanding and appreciation of the resource. It has implications for how and if carved stones can be legally protected, who owns them, where and how they are administered, and by whom. The complexities of the legislation mean that all too often this is also a grey area. This paper explores these curatorial issues and their impact

    The effects of spacecraft environments on some hydrolytic enzyme patterns in bacteria

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    The effects of space flight on the production and characteristics of proteolytic enzymes are studied for a number of bacterial species isolated from crew members and spacecraft. Enzymatic make-up and cultural characteristics of bacteria isolated from spacecraft crew members are determined. The organism Aeromonas proteolytica and the proteolytic enzymes which it produces are used as models for future spacecraft experiments

    Comparisons of the North Polar Cap of Mars and the Earth's Northern Hemisphere snow cover

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    The boundaries of the polar caps of Mars have been measured on more than 3000 photographs since 1905 from the plate collection at the Lowell Observatory. For the Earth the polar caps have been accurately mapped only since the mid 1960's when satellites were first available to synoptically view the polar regions. The polar caps of both planets wax and wane in response to changes in the seasons, and interannual differences in polar cap behavior on Mars as well as Earth are intimately linked to global energy balance. In this study data on the year to year variations in the extent of the polar caps of Mars and Earth were assembled and analyzed together with data on annual variations in solar activity to determine if associations exist between these data. It was found that virtually no correlation exists between measurements of Mars north polar cap and solar variability. An inverse relationship was found between variations in the size of the north polar caps of Mars and Earth, although only 6 years of concurrent data were available for comparison

    Residual Action of Slow Release Systemic Insecticides on \u3ci\u3eRhopalosiphum Padi\u3c/i\u3e (Homoptera: Aphididae) on Wheat

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    Slow release formulations of acephate and carbofuran encapsulated in pearl corn­ starch or corn flour granules were applied to the soil at seeding time of potted \u27Caldwell\u27 wheat in the laboratory. Dosages of these insecticides were adjusted to a standard of IO kg/ha of a 10 10 granular formulation of carbofuran. The residual action of these insecticide treatments against Rhopalosiphum padi were compared with those obtained with that of carbofuran 150 at corresponding dosages and foliar sprays of solutions of acephate (25 10 EC) at 0.2 10 and carbofuran (4F) at 1.25 10, applied 12 d after seedling emergence. The residual action of carbofuran 150, which controlled R. padi since seedling emergence, lasted 28.5 d. The slow release granular formulations of carbofuran began to provide control (\u3e 50 10 aphid mortality) on days 13.3 and 17.9 after seeding. They controlled the insect until days 31.6 and 35.5 after seeding. The two corresponding granular formulations of acephate began to provide control on days 15.0 and 17.0 after seeding and con­ trolled the aphids until days 31.5 and 32.8 after seeding. The foliar sprays of acephate and carbofuran provided control for 18.3 and 36.2 d from application, respectively. The slow release granular formulations provided control of R. padi, an important vector of barley yellow dwarf virus, during early. stages of wheat development

    A fast and robust numerical scheme for solving models of charge carrier transport and ion vacancy motion in perovskite solar cells

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    Drift-diffusion models that account for the motion of both electronic and ionic charges are important tools for explaining the hysteretic behaviour and guiding the development of metal halide perovskite solar cells. Furnishing numerical solutions to such models for realistic operating conditions is challenging owing to the extreme values of some of the parameters. In particular, those characterising (i) the short Debye lengths (giving rise to rapid changes in the solutions across narrow layers), (ii) the relatively large potential differences across devices and (iii) the disparity in timescales between the motion of the electronic and ionic species give rise to significant stiffness. We present a finite difference scheme with an adaptive time step that is posed on a non-uniform staggered grid that provides second order accuracy in the mesh spacing. The method is able to cope with the stiffness of the system for realistic parameters values whilst providing high accuracy and maintaining modest computational costs. For example, a transient sweep of a current-voltage curve can be computed in only a few minutes on a standard desktop computer.Comment: 22 pages, 8 figure

    Self-discharge in bimetallic cells containing alkali metal

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    Theoretical analysis of thermally regenerative bimetallic cells with alkali metal anodes shows a relation between the current drawn and the rate of discharge under open-circuit conditions. The self-discharge rate of the cell is due to the dissolution and ionization of alkali metal atoms in the fused-salt electrolyt
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