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    Learning Cultural Humility Through Stories and Global Service-Learning

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    Service-learning experiences are often utilized by nursing programs in efforts to increase the cultural competence of nursing students. Through the use of sharing story, the concepts of cultural competence and cultural humility can be explained for students preparing for upcoming intercultural experiences. This case study describes the experience of nursing students and university faculty on their first service-learning trip to rural Kenya and how the intercultural issues were navigated there as students developed characteristics of cultural humility. This story is now being shared in preparations for subsequent international trips with nursing students and can be a model for programs wanting to prepare for service-learning experiences

    Is Reasoning Gendered?

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    The relevance of feminism for argumentation has been the subject of lively debates recently. I explore the viability of applying feminist categories to argumentation with a focus on the relevance of gender in reasoning and rationality. Arguing from the view that particular practices of reasoning are gendered, as operating within a gendered socio-political context, I examine the implications of conditioned reasoning for a conception of reason. Are reasoning and rationality in some fundamental sense conditioned, e.g., gendered? I argue for a conceptualization of reason as a structural complex whose character can be conditioned yet is non-relativistic

    PALMA Proyecto Avance: Latino Mentoring Association Literacy Project

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    PALMA is a tutoring organization that pairs U-M students with Latino families from the Ann Arbor area. U-M Library's Mini-Grant allowed us to provide a number of much-needed resources to tutors and students electronically as well through physical workbooks.University Library's Student Engagement ProgramPALMA Proyecto Avance: Latino Mentoring AssociationCristhian Espinoza-Pinohttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/122845/1/Fisher_Grace_FinalReport_Poster.pdfDescription of Fisher_Grace_FinalReport_Poster.pdf : Symposium presentation poste

    Illness, Voice, and Intersubjectivity

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    A Patient\u27s Point of View Nineteenth-Century Syphilis Treatment

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    This article focuses on the diary\u27s account of one particular episode of illness, but the manuscript in its entirety contains information of greater significance: Mersman\u27s story illustrates the development of the middle class in nineteenth-century America.3 In 1849, when he was twenty-five, Mersman moved to St. Louis, where he and John Clemens Nulsen (1824-1906) established a business and became prominent members of the German-American community (see illustrations p. 17). They rectified whiskey and imported cigars. Nulsen & Mersman bought raw whiskey wholesale, distilled it a second time to increase the alcohol content and remove impurities, added coloring and flavoring, and then distributed the refined product to retail businesses such as saloons and brothels. In addition to recording his progress in becoming a successful merchant, Mersman described an illness that had a profound effect on his entire life: syphilis
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