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    Tensile creep-rate of pyrolytic carbon

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    Stress-change technique, combined with a graphical-interpolation analysis, yields data on the stress and temperature dependence of the creep rate over broad strain and stress or temperature ranges on as-deposited, substrate-nucleated, pyrolytic carbon

    Tensile creep-rate studies on pyrolytic carbon

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    Tensile creep behavior of substrate-nucleated pyrolytic carbon at high temperature

    Magnetic susceptibility of glassy carbon

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    Magnetic susceptibility of glassy carbon at room temperature with respect to magnetic field strength, heat treatment temperature, and high temperature tensile deformatio

    Structure dependence of the diamagnetism of graphitizing carbons

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    Structure dependence of diamagnetism in pyrolytic carbon

    Basal-plane metallography of deformed pyrolytic carbon

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    Cleavage technique is recommended over the normal polishing technique in preparing pyrolytic carbon for metallographic examination of basal-plane surfaces. After careful removal of torn basal-plane fragments and other cleavage debris with cellulose tape, the true structure is clearly revealed
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