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    Acute Triangulations of the Cuboctahedral Surface

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    In this paper we prove that the surface of the cuboctahedron can be triangulated into 8 non-obtuse triangles and 12 acute triangles. Furthermore, we show that both bounds are the best possible.Comment: 16 pages, 8 figures, presented on CGGA201

    A Study on Teaching Methods of Reading Comprehension Strategies by Comparison between TEM-4 Reading Comprehension and IELTS Academic Reading Comprehension

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    The ultimate purpose of Test for English Majors 4 (TEM-4) and International English Language Test System Academic (IELTS A) are to test students' English language application abilities. This paper made a comparative study between reading comprehension part in two tests. It points out that IELTS A, with its up-to-date and diversified types of writing, can reflect studentsā€™ real English level and ability to use English. IELTS reading requires that students adopt effective reading comprehension strategies to accurately and effectively extract the information and understand the meaning in the face of different types of English reading materials. Meanwhile, students can apply productive skills to use English language. It further puts forward 3 teaching methods of reading comprehension strategies: direct explanation, transactional method, interactive constructive method. It ends with factors teachers should take into consideration when teaching reading comprehension strategies. Three methods can be used in combination considering context of Chinese studentsā€™ English learning, teachersā€™ demonstration and effective group discussion and communication

    Macrophage depletion disrupts immune balance and energy homeostasis.

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    Increased macrophage infiltration in tissues including white adipose tissue and skeletal muscle has been recognized as a pro-inflammatory factor that impairs insulin sensitivity in obesity. However, the relationship between tissue macrophages and energy metabolism under non-obese physiological conditions is not clear. To study a homeostatic role of macrophages in energy homeostasis, we depleted tissue macrophages in adult mice through conditional expression of diphtheria toxin (DT) receptor and DT-induced apoptosis. Macrophage depletion robustly reduced body fat mass due to reduced energy intake. These phenotypes were reversed after macrophage recovery. As a potential mechanism, severe hypothalamic and systemic inflammation was induced by neutrophil (NE) infiltration in the absence of macrophages. In addition, macrophage depletion dramatically increased circulating granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) which is indispensable for NE production and tissue infiltration. Our in vitro study further revealed that macrophages directly suppress G-CSF gene expression. Therefore, our study indicates that macrophages may play a critical role in integrating immune balance and energy homeostasis under physiological conditions

    Formation of Rotational Discontinuities in Compressive three-dimensional MHD Turbulence

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    Measurements of solar wind turbulence reveal the ubiquity of discontinuities. In this study, we investigate how the discontinuities, especially rotational discontinuities (RDs), are formed in magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence. In a simulation of the decaying compressive three-dimensional (3-D) MHD turbulence with an imposed uniform background magnetic field, we detect RDs with sharp field rotations and little variations of magnetic field intensity as well as mass density. At the same time, in the de Hoffman-Teller (HT) frame, the plasma velocity is nearly in agreement with the Alfv\'{e}n speed, and is field-aligned on both sides of the discontinuity. We take one of the identified RDs to analyze in details its 3-D structure and temporal evolution. By checking the magnetic field and plasma parameters, we find that the identified RD evolves from the steepening of the Alfv\'{e}n wave with moderate amplitude, and that steepening is caused by the nonuniformity of the Alfv\'{e}n speed in the ambient turbulence.Comment: Five figures enclosed. Submitted to Astrophys. J., Under referrin
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