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    Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy

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    Health-promoting behaviors and related factors among high school teachers in the city of Rasht, Iran

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    Background: Health Promoting Behaviors (HPB) are of great importance because of their potential benefits to prevent the progression of chronic diseases, reduce disease burden, improve quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs. The present study aimed to determine and compare HPB and related factors among high school teachers.Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 257 high school teachers (138 women and 119 men) having at least associate degree in Rasht city, Iran during 2015. Data collection tool was a researcher-made questionnaire including the personal, familial, and social factors and Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HPLPII) standard questionnaire. Data were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics for Windows, Version 24.0. running descriptive and inferential statistics, including independent sample t-test, analysis of variance. P values less than 0.05 were considered as statistically significant. Results: Among the participants 138 (53.7%) were female. The overall mean (SD) score of HPB among participants was 129.6 (22.64) and was undesirable. This score was significantly better among the women 130.6 (24.61) compared with men 128.5 (20.54) (P=0.01). The highest mean score of HPB was related to nutrition 26.8 (5.01), followed, respectively, by spiritual growth 22.6 (4.25) and interpersonal relations 21.7 (4.82). Physical activity with the mean (SD) score of 18.09 (4.14) had the lowest overall mean score of HPB. Female teachers had a significantly higher scores than men in all aspects (P<0.05), except for physical activity and stress management.Conclusion: The overall mean score of HPB among participants was undesirable. Total HPB in female teachers were better than that in the male teachers. Female teachers had a better status than men in all aspects except for physical activity and stress management

    Estudio comparativo de las actividades in vitro de productos comerciales de polimixina B sobre Pseudomonas aeruginosa aislada de pacientes hospitalizados

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    Introducci贸n: La polimixina B se ha aplicado como uno de los antibi贸ticos de 煤ltimo recurso para el tratamiento de la multirresistencia entre las infecciones bacterianas Gram negativas. Debido a efectos secundarios como toxicidad renal, el uso de polimixina se asocia con limitaciones. El presente estudio eval煤a la actividad antibacteriana in vitro de varios productos comerciales de polimixina B contra Pseudomonas aeruginosa. M茅todos: Este estudio incluy贸 63 aislados de P. aeruginosa no duplicados que se examinaron para la prueba de sus卢ceptibilidad in vitro a la polimixina B utilizando los siguientes discos de polvo: sulfato de polimixina B, otosporina, Poly-Mxb y Myxacort. Tambi茅n se han identificado las MIC50 y MIC90 para los antibi贸ticos de polimixina B. Resultados: Myxacort tuvo una actividad funcional contra la mayor铆a de los aislados de P. aeruginosa, y s贸lo siete aislados tuvieron una CIM relativamente alta. Las actividades de Poly-MXb y Myxacort fueron las mismas que las de otosporina. Conclusiones: Nuestros resultados revelaron que el producto gen茅rico nacional de polimixina B (Myxacort), y dos productos externos (Otosporin, Poly-MXb) son similares en t茅rminos de actividad microbiol贸gica.Introduction: Polymyxin B has been applied as one of the last-resort antibiotics for the treatment of multidrug resistance among Gram-negative bacterial infections. Due to side effects such as renal toxicity, the use of polymyxin is associated with limitations. The present study evaluates in vitro antibacterial activity of a number of polymyxin B commercial products against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Methods: This study included 63 non-duplicated P. aeruginosa isolates examined for in vitro polymyxin B suscepti卢bility testing using the following powder disks: polymyxin B sulfate, otosporin, Poly-Mxb, and Myxacort. MIC50 and MIC90 have also been identified for polymyxin B antibiotics. Results: Myxacort had functional activity against most P. aeruginosa isolates, and only seven isolates had a relative卢ly high MIC. The activities of Poly-MXb and Myxacort were the same as otosporin. Conclusions: Our findings revealed that the national generic polymyxin B product (Myxacort), and two external products (Otosporin, Poly-MXb) are similar in terms of microbiological activity

    Spoken and Written Narrative in Persian-Speaking Students Who Received Cochlear Implant and/or Hearing Aid

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    Objectives To compare narrative skills between fourth and fifth grades of Persian-speaking students with hearing impairments and typical hearing students of the same grade and also to evaluate the effects of group, sex, hearing age, and educational grade of the students on their spoken/written narrative performance. Methods The subjects were 174 students aged 10鈥13 years, 54 of whom wore cochlear implants, 60 suffered from moderate to severe hearing losses and wore hearing aids, with the remaining 60 students being typical hearing in terms of the sense of hearing. The micro- and macrostructure components of spoken and written narrative were elicited from a pictorial story (The Playful Little Elephant) and then scored by raters. Results Compared to the typical hearing, the students with hearing impairments had significantly lower scores in all of the microstructure components of narratives. However, the findings showed no significant difference among different groups in macrostructure components of narratives. It was also revealed that the students had equal performance in spoken and written narrative. Finally, factor analysis manifested that group, sex, hearing age, and educational level of children might alter the outcome measures in various interactions. Conclusion Although cochlear implantation was more effective than hearing aid on spoken and written narrative skills, the Persian-speaking students with hearing impairments were seen to need additional trainings on microstructure components of spoken/written narrative

    Silk-Based Biopolymers Promise Extensive Biomedical Applications in Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, and BioMEMS

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    As an FDA-approved biopolymer, silk has been contemplated for a wide range of applications based on its unique merits, such as biocompatibility, biodegradability, and piezoelectricity. As silk, in both crystalline structure and amorphous state, exhibits unique physical, mechanical, and biological properties (promoting cell migration, differentiation, growth, and protein-surface interaction), it is fruitful to understand its potential applications. Sensors, actuators, and drug delivery systems are the best in case. As such, the current effort first introduces silk fibroin (SF) and delineates its characteristics. It then explores the extensive use of this biomaterial in tissue engineering approaches, in addition to its biosensor and electro-active wearable bioelectronic application. To this end, the SF application in cardiovascular, skin, cartilage, and drug delivery systems for cancer therapy and wound healing was studied precisely. Compositing any type of other variables to induce a specific application or improve any SF barriers, namely its hydrophobicity, poor electrical conductivity, or tuning its mechanical properties, especially in tissue engineering applications, has also been discussed wherever it is deemed informative.</p

    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is not independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease event : a cohort study

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    There are no consistent results between previous studies for an independent association between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) events. To determine if there is an independent association between NAFLD and CVD events. In the present study, valid outcome data of 4808 subjects were available for phase 2 of our cohort study. These subjects had been followed up for seven years from phase 1, beginning in 2009-2010 to phase 2 during 2016-2017. Simple and multiple Cox proportional models were used to determine the association between NAFLD in the primary phase of the cohort and subsequent fatal and non-fatal CVD events during follow-up. The incidence of non-fatal CVD events in males with NAFLD was significantly higher ( = 0.004) than in males without NAFLD. A positive association was demonstrated between NAFLD and non-fatal CVD events in males (Hazard ratio = 1.606; 95%CI: 1.166-2.212; = 0.004) by the simple Cox proportional hazard model, but no independent association was detected between these in the multiple Cox models. No independent association was detected between NAFLD and CVD. It is likely that diabetes mellitus and age may be the principle mediators in this regard. [Abstract copyright: 漏The Author(s) 2020. Published by Baishideng Publishing Group Inc. All rights reserved.

    Changes in Growth Pattern after Adenotonsillectomy in Children under 12 Years Old

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    &quot;nThe aim of the present study was to determine the effects of adenotonsillectomy on height, weight and body mass index (BMI) in children under 12 years old, with or without airway obstruction and evaluation of the risk of overweight in them. In this case-control study, 120 children with the age of 2-12 years old were studied; 60 children as case group who underwent adenotonsillectomy and 60 healthy children as control group. After collecting the data related to appetite status and sleep breathing disorder of the case group, height, weight and BMI have been measured for all children in two stages; preoperatively and 6 months later. Also in the case group, BMI percentiles, pre and postoperatively have been calculated. Patients with Low appetite in the initiation and at the end of the study in the case group were 80% and 8.3% respectively (P=0.01). Mean of height, weight and BMI variation after 6 months were significantly different between case and control groups (P&amp;lt;0.05). BMI percentiles in the case group preoperatively were: 20% underweight, 67% healthy weight, 10% at risk of over weight, 3% over weight. Postoperatively, after 6 months BMI percentiles in order of above frequency were: 10%, 57%, 22% and 11% (P=0.02). Analysis of the results showed that adenotonsillectomy can lead to increase of height, weight, BMI and appetite not only in the children with low weight due to airway obstruction but also in the normal weight and over weight children. Therefore risk of overweight should be mentioned as a probable undesirable outcome of adenotonsillectomy