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    Emergency Communications Network for Disaster Management

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    In recent years, from the majority of field experiences, it has been learned that communications networks are one of the major pillars for disaster management. In this regard, the exploitation of different space technology applications to support the communications services in disasters plays an important role, in the prevention and mitigation of the natural disasters effects on terrestrial communications infrastructures. However, this chapter presents the design and implementation of an emergency communications network for disaster management, based on a topology that integrates communications satellites with remote sensing satellites into an emergency communications network to be activated in disaster events, which affect public or private terrestrial communications infrastructures. Likewise, to design the network, different technical and operational specifications are considered; among which are: the emergency operational strategies implementation to maneuver remote sensing satellites on orbit for optimal images capture and processing, as well as the payload and radio frequencies characterization in communications satellites to implement communications technology tools useful for disaster management. Therefore, this emergency communications network allows putting in operation diverse communications infrastructures for data and images exchange, making available the essential information to accomplish a fast response in disasters or to facilitate the communications infrastructures recuperation in emergencies situations