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    Satellite altimeters after Skylab and GEOS-C - should they utilize a single transmitter or an array of pulsed amplifiers?

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    An attempt was made to determine if future satellite altimeters, operating at K-band, should use a single transmitter or an array of pulsed amplifiers. The two systems were compared as a function of reliability, power, service life, system requirements, and weight. Preliminary results indicate the modular system to be superior in service life and reliability although it requires more power and is substantially heavier than the single system. No concrete conclusions were reached as to which system should be used

    Pauli Spin Blockade of Heavy Holes in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot

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    In this work, we study hole transport in a planar silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor based double quantum dot. We demonstrate Pauli spin blockade in the few hole regime and map the spin relaxation induced leakage current as a function of inter-dot level spacing and magnetic field. With varied inter-dot tunnel coupling we can identify different dominant spin relaxation mechanisms. Applying a strong out-of-plane magnetic field causes an avoided singlet-triplet level crossing, from which the heavy hole g-factor ∼\sim 0.93, and the strength of spin-orbit interaction ∼\sim 110 μ\mueV, can be obtained. The demonstrated strong spin-orbit interaction of heavy hole promises fast local spin manipulation using only electrical fields, which is of great interest for quantum information processing.Comment: 15 pages, 4 figure

    Fault motions at the Baldwin Hills Reservoir site

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    A distinction is made between the damaging potential of rapid fault motions associated with earthquakes and those having a relatively slow creep type motion. Information is given on nonseismic movements that have been occurring on faults passing through the Baldwin Hills Reservoir during the past 10 years. The relationship between those faults and the Inglewood fault system is described, and correlations are presented with local elevation changes, horizontal ground movements, and seismic activity. Comparisons are made with similar slow fault motions occurring at other places in California, and attention is drawn to the potential damaging effects of such movements

    Microsecond resolution of quasiparticle tunneling in the single-Cooper-pair-transistor

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    We present radio-frequency measurements on a single-Cooper-pair-transistor in which individual quasiparticle poisoning events were observed with microsecond temporal resolution. Thermal activation of the quasiparticle dynamics is investigated, and consequently, we are able to determine energetics of the poisoning and un-poisoning processes. In particular, we are able to assign an effective quasiparticle temperature to parameterize the poisoning rate.Comment: 4 pages, 4 fig

    Stark deceleration of CaF molecules in strong- and weak-field seeking states

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    We report the Stark deceleration of CaF molecules in the strong-field seeking ground state and in a weak-field seeking component of a rotationally-excited state. We use two types of decelerator, a conventional Stark decelerator for the weak-field seekers, and an alternating gradient decelerator for the strong-field seekers, and we compare their relative merits. We also consider the application of laser cooling to increase the phase-space density of decelerated molecules.Comment: 10 pages, 8 figure

    Nonlinearity and stochasticity in the density--velocity relation

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    We present results of the investigations of the statistical properties of a joint density and velocity divergence probability distribution function (PDF) in the mildly non-linear regime. For that purpose we use both perturbation theory results, extended here for a top-hat filter, and numerical simulations. In particular we derive the quantitative (complete as possible up to third order terms) and qualitative predictions for constrained averages and constrained dispersions -- which describe the nonlinearities and the stochasticity properties beyond the linear regime -- and compare them against numerical simulations. We find overall a good agreement for constrained averages; however, the agreement for constrained dispersions is only qualitative. Scaling relations for the Omega-dependence of these quantities are satisfactory reproduced. Guided by our analytical and numerical results, we finally construct a robust phenomenological description of the joint PDF in a closed analytic form. The good agreement of our formula with results of N-body simulations for a number of cosmological parameters provides a sound validation of the presented approach. Our results provide a basis for a potentially powerful tool with which it is possible to analyze galaxy survey data in order to test the gravitational instability paradigm beyond the linear regime and put useful constraints on cosmological parameters. In particular we show how the nonlinearity in the density--velocity relation can be used to break the so-called Omega-bias degeneracy in cosmic density-velocity comparisons.Comment: 12 pages, 11 figures; revised version with minor changes in the presentation, accepted for publication in MNRA

    Target Markets for Grain and Cotton Marketing Consultants and Market Information Systems

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    This paper examines the use of market consultants and market information systems by grain and cotton producers. A model of producer demand for marketing information and consultants is proposed that decomposes price received into exogenous and endogenous components. The analysis is based on a survey of over 1,600 producers. The results suggest that expenditures on market information systems and market consultants are not independent and, more specifically, expenditures on marketing consultants substitute for expenditures on market information systems.expected utility, market information, marketing, risk, Tobit, Marketing,

    A de Finetti Representation Theorem for Quantum Process Tomography

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    In quantum process tomography, it is possible to express the experimenter's prior information as a sequence of quantum operations, i.e., trace-preserving completely positive maps. In analogy to de Finetti's concept of exchangeability for probability distributions, we give a definition of exchangeability for sequences of quantum operations. We then state and prove a representation theorem for such exchangeable sequences. The theorem leads to a simple characterization of admissible priors for quantum process tomography and solves to a Bayesian's satisfaction the problem of an unknown quantum operation.Comment: 10 page
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