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    On some universal algebras associated to the category of Lie bialgebras

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    In our previous work (math/0008128), we studied the set Quant(K) of all universal quantization functors of Lie bialgebras over a field K of characteristic zero, compatible with duals and doubles. We showed that Quant(K) is canonically isomorphic to a product G_0(K) \times Sha(K), where G_0(K) is a universal group and Sha(K) is a quotient set of a set B(K) of families of Lie polynomials by the action of a group G(K). We prove here that G_0(K) is equal to the multiplicative group 1 + h K[[h]]. So Quant(K) is `as close as it can be' to Sha(K). We also show that the only universal derivations of Lie bialgebras are multiples of the composition of the bracket with the cobracket. Finally, we prove that the stabilizer of any element of B(K) is reduced to the 1-parameter subgroup of G(K) generated by the corresponding `square of the antipode'.Comment: expanded version, containing related result