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    Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Solid Rocket Motor Components

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    Problems which the solid propellant rocket engineer will encounter in designing for long-term storage in a radiation environment are discussed. A summary of present knowledge of the radiation environment is given. Mechanisms of radiation degradation and its effects on tensile properties of propellant binders are discussed qualitatively. Data from a program of irradiation of several propellants is presented. Properties of two of the propellants were changed significantly by doses of the order of 4 x 10(exp 6) rads

    The extraordinary subaltern: testimonio Latinoamericano and representation

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    No abstract available

    Class Day Address Transcript, 1963: Excellence - What is it?

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    Transcript of Dr. E. Gardner Jacob\u27s 1963 class day address at Bryant. This year marked Bryant\u27s Centennial Commencement

    Phenomenology of nn-nˉ{\bar n} Oscillations Revisited

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    We revisit the phenomenology of nn-nˉ{\bar n} oscillations in the presence of external magnetic fields, highlighting the role of spin. We show, contrary to long-held belief, that the nn-nˉ{\bar n} transition rate need not be suppressed, opening new opportunities for its empirical study.Comment: 15 pages, REVTeX; revised and rewritten to focus on SM spin-dependent effects, conclusions persis

    Wire grid forming apparatus Patent

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    Apparatus for forming wire grids for electric strain gage

    Novel convolution-based signal processing techniques for an artificial olfactory mucosa

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    As our understanding of the human olfactory system has grown, so has our ability to design artificial devices that mimic its functionality, so called electronic noses (e-noses). This has led to the development of a more sophisticated biomimetic system known as an artificial olfactory mucosa (e-mucosa) that comprises a large distributed sensor array and artificial mucous layer. In order to exploit fully this new architecture, new approaches are required to analyzing the rich data sets that it generates. In this paper, we propose a novel convolution based approach to processing signals from the e-mucosa. Computer simulations are performed to investigate the robustness of this approach when subjected to different real-world problems, such as sensor drift and noise. Our results demonstrate a promising ability to classify odors from poor sensor signals

    Forming blocks speed production of strain gage grids

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    A tool is designed which facilitates the forming of wire grids used in manufacturing strain gage grids. Flattening the grid wire by a cold working process produces a stabilized grid which can be readily handled for storage or shipment

    Distribution of Bats in the Delta Region of Northeastern Arkansas

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    Eight taxa of bats are reported from seven counties in northeastern Arkansas. Localities, natural history notes, sex, age and reproductive condition are reported for most species. New records are combined with previously existing ones to reveal a greater distribution of chiroptera for the stat
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