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    Photon echoes of molecular photoassociation

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    Revivals of optical coherence of molecular photoassociation driven by two ultrashort laser pulses are addressed in the Condon approach. Based on textbook examples and numerical simulation of KrF excimer molecules, a prediction is made about an existence of photon echo on free-bound transitions. Delayed rise and fall of nonlinear polarization in the half-collisions are to be resulted from the resonant quantum states interference whether it be in gas, liquid or solid phases.Comment: 15 pages and 5 figures presented at ICONO '98'(Moscow, 1998): Fundamental Aspects of Laser-Matter Interaction, New Nonlinear Optical Materials and Physics of Low-Dimensional Structure

    Double Occupancy Errors in Quantum Computing Operations: Corrections to Adiabaticity

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    We study the corrections to adiabatic dynamics of two coupled quantum dot spin-qubits, each dot singly occupied with an electron, in the context of a quantum computing operation. Tunneling causes double occupancy at the conclusion of an operation and constitutes a processing error. We model the gate operation with an effective two-level system, where non-adiabatic transitions correspond to double occupancy. The model is integrable and possesses three independent parameters. We confirm the accuracy of Dykhne's formula, a nonperturbative estimate of transitions, and discuss physically intuitive conditions for its validity. Our semiclassical results are in excellent agreement with numerical simulations of the exact time evolution. A similar approach applies to two-level systems in different contexts

    White paper: from bound states to the continuum

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