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    By the time students get to upper intermediate level or beyond, we can be sure that some of them will know some of the words we are asking them to focus on. The more the students master the vocabulary the better they performances in all aspect of English language. Having a limited vocabulary is also a barrier that prevents students from learning a foreign language. Vocabulary is the stock of words used in language. Vocabulary as a means of thought, expression, interpretation and communication. Vocabulary also basic to communication, when someone wants to follow in the conversation, so he or she must understand the words used by the speakers. As language teachers, we must arouse our students’ interest in words, especially in the early stages of learning, is a prerequisite for later proficiency in the language.Keywords: Vocabulary and teaching


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    Listening is much more complex than the thought of human as tape recorders; they took in a bit of information, held it in a sort of medium-term memory, and used it. Listeners are actively payingattention and working on understanding and interpreting what they hear. When listening is considered as a difficult skill, it is all because of the characteristics of the message, the delivery, the listener, and the environment. Teaching listening skills is one of the most difficult tasks for any ESL teacher. This is because successful listening skills are acquired over time and with lots of practice. The key point about techniques is that some of them are teachable. Another point about the techniques is the teacher must be able to exemplify the techniques and show that it is effective. Finally, the techniques need to be repeatable; that is to say, it can be incorporated into the student’s skill for dealing with such problems whenever they arise in the future.Keywords: Listening, teaching, and technique


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    AbstractThis paper aims to explain about various reading tests through Bloom’s Taxonomy. Reading test must  involve  three aspects, ; cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Cognitive task is about cognitive activity in understanding the text precisely and critically. Affective task is about the student’s willing and attitudes in reading, while psychomotor is about their activity in reading. The cognitive domain is divided into categories, begins from the lowest until the highest. Here they are the categories: firsty, remembering; Secondly, understanding; thirdly, applying;  fourthly, analyzing; fifthly evaluating and sixthly creating. The test materials for reading skills should be considered by the degrees of difficulty, it is measured by its complexity vocabularies and structure;  long – short text, the text given to students had better not too long; content, based on the student’s mental development, will, needs, or which attracts them and the genres.   So,  giving the reading test to the students is important to measure the student’s ability in understanding a text.Key words : reading test, Bloom’s Taxonomy, the reading materials test,AbstrakTulisan ini bertujuan untuk menjelaskan tentang macam-macam  ujian membaca dengan menggunakan taxonomi Bloom . naskah bacaan meliputi  tiga aspek yaitu kognitif, afektif, and pikomotor.Tugas kognitif adalah  kegiatan kognitif dalam memahami naskah dengan tepat dan ktitis atau tentang kemampuan membaca mereka. Tugas afektif adalah  keinginan siswa dalam menyikapi sebuah bacaan. Psikomotor adalah  kegiatan mereka ketika sedang membaca. Pada domain kognitif dibagi menjadi beberapa  tingkatan dimulai pada tingkat terendah sampai tertinggi, pertama mengingat, kedua memahami, ketiga menerapkan, keempat menganalisis, kelima mengevaluasi keenam menciptakan. Materi-materi ujian keterampilan membaca seharusnya ditinjau dari tingkat kesulitan diukur dengan kosakata dan struktur yang rumit; naskah panjang-pendek, diberikan kepada siswa  tidak terlalu panjang; isi, mengenai perkembangan mental siswa, keinginan, keperluan; dan macam- macam jenis bacaan. Dengan demikian, memberikan ujian membaca kepada siswa sangat penting dilakukan untuk mengukur kemampuan siswa dalam memahami sebuah naskah.Kata Kunci: ujian membaca, Taxonomi Bloom, ujian materi- materi membac

    Learning Local Wisdom for Character Education: an Insight from Choblong Sundanese Village in Indonesia

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    The purpose of this study is to describe the various local wisdom and describe the diverse character education, which contain in local wisdom in the Sundanese society of Choblong, Cisarua village located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Observation method is the best way to collect information and understand local culture in a society. The local wisdom of these Choblong villagers is believed to have a useful contribution to the values of character education that must always be taught and preserved for the benefit of subsequent regeneration. The local wisdom of the Choblong village can be penetrated to school curriculum for preparing their next generations and the cultural preservation. Although there are many adjustments required when immersion between local culture and school curriculum, but it is possible if the applications of carefully selected local culture are given in their local environmental settings

    Error Analysis of the Use of Question Words in English Sentences

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     The research aims to analyze the error in using questions word on second grade students of MTs. Hidayatussalafiyah. Question is one of important aspect that students need to master not only in writing but also speaking. There are several types of questions that students need to learn. The types of questions that discuss in this research are “Yes/No-Questions” and “Wh-Questions”. The data are collected through observation, discussion, books and also documentation. By the data, the research finds the most error the students made in each category. The research findings also prove the students need more explanation in forming questions especially in writing. Based on the result, the student faced more difficult in forming “Yes/No-Questions” than in “Wh-Questions” category. They made mistake for 298 or 65.07% in “Yes/No-Questions and 160 or 34.93% in “Wh-Questions” from the total mistakes. The most difficult question for them in “Yes/No-Questions” is to form “are you studying your grammar book?” or using “be (is/am/are) in present progressive tense”. The total number of mistakes for this questions are 26 or 8.4%. And, for the “Wh-Questions”, they made more mistake to form “what time did you eat lunch?” or using “what time” to ask about the time. Key words: error, analysis, question word

    Pendidikan Karakter dalam Kearifan Lokal Masyarakat Cisarua

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    Di Cisarua, Bogor dapat kita temukan turis-turis asing yang berasal dari Timur Tengah yang tinggal sementara maupun menetap. Kehadiran mereka di desa Choblong membuat masyarakat khawatir, karena para turis tersebut juga membawa budaya asli mereka yang mungkin dapat memengaruhi budaya lokal masyarakat. Ternyata masyarakat Choblong yang beragama Islam telah menerapkan kekuatan karakter pada masyarakatnya walaupun mereka tidak menyadari kondisi, hal ini dapat dilihat pada aktivitas keagamaan rutin dan tertentu, seperti pengkajian Al Qur’an. Berdasarkan situasi ini, tujuan artikel ini ditulis adalah untuk mendeskripsikan kearifan lokal yang dimiliki masyarakat dan pendidikan karakter yang mewakili setiap aktivitas.Kata kunci: Pendidikan Karakter, Kearifan Loka