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    Silicon-on-insulator microring resonators for photonic biosensing applications

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    Silicon-on-insulator microring resonators have proven to be an excellent platform for label-free nanophotonic biosensors. The high index contrast of the silicon-on-insulator waveguides allows for fabrication of micrometer size sensors. Their small size combined with high sensitivity make them ideal candidates for integration in sensing arrays as a multiplexed DNA detection platform. By chemically modifying the sensor surface, the microrings can provide sequence selective DNA detection. However, the high index contrast also limits the quality of the resonances by introducing an intrinsic mode-splitting by coupling the degenerate resonator modes. This severely deteriorates the quality of the output signal. The quality of the resonances is of utmost importance to determine the performance of the microrings as a biosensor. We will suggest an integrated interferometric approach to give access to the unsplit, high-quality normal modes of the microring resonator

    Computational modeling of coated biodegradable stents

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    Crack mitigation in concrete : superabsorbent polymers as key to success?

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    Cracking is a major concern in building applications. Cracks may arise from shrinkage, freeze/thawing and/or structural stresses, amongst others. Several solutions can be found but superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) seem to be interesting to counteract these problems. At an early age, the absorbed water by the SAPs may be used to mitigate autogenous and plastic shrinkage. The formed macro pores may increase the freeze/thaw resistance. The swelling upon water ingress may seal a crack from intruding fluids and may regain the overall water-tightness. The latter water may promote autogenous healing. The use of superabsorbent polymers is thus very interesting. This review paper summarizes the current research and gives a critical note towards the use of superabsorbent polymers in cementitious materials
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