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    Objective: Determining the prevalence of stress among medical students and determining the relationship between anxiety, Academic year, Grades, Physical issues and consistency. Methodology: 500 medical students were enrolled in this study from July 2017 to June 2018. They were attending 1st,2nd ,3rd ,4th and the final years of medical studies. They were requested to finish stress inventory. Setting and type: It is a cross sectional type of study done in the University of Lahore, college of medicine. Results: In the wake of getting 80% response rate, up to 400 responses from the students were recorded. 60% subjects were found with a wide range of stress while serious stress was seen in 23% of the cases. A critical relationship was found between study years and levels of stress. The relationship between levels of stress and academic performance and grades was not found factually considerable as dissemination of stress prevalence was not impressively disparate over each of 04 academic grades. Fundamental reason of stress was their studies (63.30%). In 3.6% cases the reason was personal issues or domestic environment. Of the patients enrolled 38.9% of cases didn’t show any other main reason of stress. Conclusion: During first three preliminary years of medical studies, severe mental stress was seen in students. It might be the reason for challenge to students, failure of support service delivery to alleviate mental issue and provide them with common health ways to cope with such issues