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    A Comparative Study of Banking Industry Based on Appraisal System, Rewards and Employee Performance

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    Purpose- This study was aimed to throw light on the appraisal and reward system, and its effects on job satisfaction and employee performance in the banking sector of Pakistan.  Design/Methodology-  The research was based on primary data collected from the two major cities of Pakistan, Lahore and Kasur. A total of 250 structured questionnaires were rotated to Islamic and conventional banks in different parts of both cities. Out of these 222 questionnaires were returned and were in usable form. The data so collected was analyzed with the help of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). statistical techniques such as regression analysis, correlation analysis, descriptive analysis and t-test were used.  Findings- The results of the study revealed that appraisal was negatively correlated while the reward system was positively correlated to employee performance.  Practical implications- This research will help banks in reviewing their policies to make optimum use of their employees to meet certain goals of the bank. This research reveals that the appraisal system of the bank is affecting negatively on employees performance. This study will help in developing criteria which will help managers to appraise the employees in an effective way

    Impact of Brand Loyalty in Assessing Purchase Intentions of a Customer: A Study of Automobile Industry in South Asian Perspective

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    In this modern age, brands are more concentrating on consumers’ quality of life style as these reflect their status symbol or social class through the company’s products. The current study is aimed to check the effect of brand name, awareness, and price and brand quality on the brand loyalty of the product of automobiles, after that brand loyalty effect is examined on the product purchase intention specifically in South Asian context. For checking the effect of the variables brand name, brand awareness, brand price and brand quality were considered as independent variables and brand loyalty was considered as a dependent variable. The study was correlational as it shows the relationship of different dependent and independent variables. This study has been conducted through a survey design. The population was considered as the citizens of Bahawalpur, one of the oldest stateS in South Asian region and for the data collection random sampling technique was used. A total number of 300 questionnaires were distributed randomly to the users of automobile in the Bahawalpur out of which 287 responses were received after deducting the omission and errors. Different hypotheses were tested in this research for relationships of variables, out of which five were accepted and the one which was about the effect of brand price on brand loyalty was rejected. The collected data were analyzed after using different statistical techniques and it shows that brand awareness, name, quality has a direct and positive impact on the brand loyalty of the product and on the other hand there is also a positive effect of brand loyalty on the purchase intention of the product