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    Aufwandsplanung zur UnterstĂĽtzung des Managements von Softwareentwicklungsprojekten

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    Im vorliegenden Arbeitsbericht wird die Aufwandsplanung zur Unterstützung des Managements von Softwareentwicklungsprojekten konzipiert. Im Gegensatz zur bisher üblichen Aufwandschätzung, deren Ergebnisse lediglich Ausgangsdatum der Projektplanung und -steuerung sind, betont die Aufwandsplanung, daß der Aufwand eine wichtige Planungsund Steuerungsgröße ist. Er werden die Informationsgrundlagen der Aufwandsplanung erläutert, Vorgehensweisen beschrieben sowie die für die Aufwandsplanung notwendigen Instrumente vorgestellt

    Permutation representations and rational irreducibility

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    Nature Relatedness and Environmental Concern of Young People in Ecuador and Germany

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    Today’s societies are confronted by a daily biodiversity loss, which will increase in the face of climate change and environmental pollution. Biodiversity loss is a particularly severe problem in so-called biodiversity hotspots. Ecuador is an example of a country that hosts two different biodiversity hotspots. Human behavior – in developing as well as in industrial countries such as Germany – must be considered as one of the most important direct and indirect drivers of this global trend and thus plays a crucial role in environmentalism and biodiversity conservation. Nature relatedness and environmental concern have been identified as important environmental psychological factors related to people’s pro-environmental behavior. However, the human–nature relationship depends on a variety of other factors, such as values, gender, nationality, qualities of environmental concern and time spent in nature. This study compared young people from Ecuador and Germany with regard to their nature relatedness and environmental concern. Furthermore, the role of the aforementioned factors was investigated. In total, we surveyed 2,173 high school students from Germany (Mage = 14.56 years, SD = 1.45; female: 55.1%) and 451 high school students from Ecuador (Mage = 14.63 years, SD = 1.77; female: 55.3%). We found that young Ecuadorians were more related to nature than young people from Germany. Additionally, we found country-specific differences in the structure of environmental concern and in the role of gender in the explanation of biospheric environmental concern and nature relatedness. In both samples, the self-transcendence value cluster was a significant positive predictor for biospheric environmental concern and nature relatedness. Time spent in nature was a significant positive predictor for nature relatedness in both samples. The results are an empirical basis for the assumption of culture-specific differences in human–nature relationships

    Modular Invariance and Uniqueness of Conformal Characters

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    We show that the conformal characters of various rational models of W-algebras can be already uniquely determined if one merely knows the central charge and the conformal dimensions. As a side result we develop several tools for studying representations of SL(2,Z) on spaces of modular functions. These methods, applied here only to certain rational conformal field theories, may be useful for the analysis of many others.Comment: 21 pages (AMS TeX), BONN-TH-94-16, MPI-94-6

    On a generalization of M-group

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    In this paper, we will show that if for every nonlinear complex irreducible character of a finite group G, some multiple of it is induced from an irreducible character of some proper subgroup of G, then G is solvable. This is a generalization of Taketa's Theorem on the solvability of M-group.Comment: 17 pages, to appear in J. Algebr

    The diurnal time course of net photosynthesis of soybean leaves: Analysis with a physiologically based steady-state photosynthesis model

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    A physiologically based steady-state model of whole leaf photosynthesis (WHOLEPHOT) is used to analyze observed net photosynthesis daily time courses of soybean, Glycine max (L.) Merr., leaves. Observations during two time periods of the 1978 growing season are analyzed and compared. After adjustment of the model for soybean, net photosynthesis rates are calculated with the model in response to measured incident light intensity, leaf temperature, air carbon dioxide concentration, and leaf diffusion resistance. The steady-state calculations closely approximate observed net photosynthesis. Results of the comparison reveal a decrease in photosynthetic capacity in leaves sampled during the second time period, which is associated with decreasing ability of leaves to respond to light intensity and internal air space carbon dioxide concentration, increasing mesophyll resistance, and increasing stomatal resistance.Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/47732/1/442_2004_Article_BF00346258.pd
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