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    S. cerevisiae Bio-Ethanol Production as a Sustainable Energy Source

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    We rely on fossil fuels, which will be outdated in a few decades. Many people are looking for solutions to the current energy dilemma in renewable energy, notably biofuels. Among the various biofuels, bioethanol looks to be the most cost- So Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a well-known bioethanol producer. Yeast cells are stressed and inhibited during fermentation, limiting their efficiency for commercial bioethanol generation. Adopt alternative signal transduction mechanisms to defeat these yeast cells. This analysis focuses on common and underutilised carbon feedstocks that can be easily transformed into bioethanol. The several types of protectants, genes, and processes that may be used to design yeast strains are addressed. As a result, we\u27ve proposed techniques for using this profitable option for long-term bioethanol production