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    The Ramsey Theory of Henson graphs

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    Analogues of Ramsey's Theorem for infinite structures such as the rationals or the Rado graph have been known for some time. In this context, one looks for optimal bounds, called degrees, for the number of colors in an isomorphic substructure rather than one color, as that is often impossible. Such theorems for Henson graphs however remained elusive, due to lack of techniques for handling forbidden cliques. Building on the author's recent result for the triangle-free Henson graph, we prove that for each k4k\ge 4, the kk-clique-free Henson graph has finite big Ramsey degrees, the appropriate analogue of Ramsey's Theorem. We develop a method for coding copies of Henson graphs into a new class of trees, called strong coding trees, and prove Ramsey theorems for these trees which are applied to deduce finite big Ramsey degrees. The approach here provides a general methodology opening further study of big Ramsey degrees for ultrahomogeneous structures. The results have bearing on topological dynamics via work of Kechris, Pestov, and Todorcevic and of Zucker.Comment: 75 pages. Substantial revisions in the presentation. Submitte

    Spectra of Tukey types of ultrafilters on Boolean algebras

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    Extending recent investigations on the structure of Tukey types of ultrafilters on P(ω)\mathcal{P}(\omega) to Boolean algebras in general, we classify the spectra of Tukey types of ultrafilters for several classes of Boolean algebras, including interval algebras, tree algebras, and pseudo-tree algebras.Comment: 18 page