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    Vicarious learning through capturing task‐directed discussions

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    The vicarious learner group has been developing a multimedia database system to promote and enhance the role of dialogue in learning. A specific interest, and the origin of the projects' collective name, is in the question of whether and how dialogue can be helpfully ‘reused’. What benefits can students gain from dialogue as observers, not just as participants? We describe our initial attempts to generate and capture educationally effective discourse exchanges amongst and between students and tutors. Problems encountered with available CMC discourse formats led to our development of a set of Task Directed Discussions (TDDs). A medium‐sized corpus of discourse exchanges was collected using the TDDs. A selection of nearly two hundred of these TDD exchanges formed the multimedia discourse database to the implemented prototype system, Dissemination. Initial results from a controlled experiment and evaluation of Dissemination are outline

    Out-of-home care by state and place: higher placement rates for children in some remote rural places

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    This fact sheet examines out-of-home placement rates for children removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect. The data finds that children in remote rural areas have overall higher rates of out-of-home placements. It also provides data on placement rates by rural or urban status to help inform policy makers as they discuss the child welfare system

    Envelopes of holomorphy and extension of functions of bounded type

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    We study the extension of holomorphic functions of bounded type defined on an open subset of a Banach space, to larger domains. For this, we first characterize the envelope of holomorphy of a Riemann domain over a Banach space, with respect to the algebra of bounded type holomorphic functions, in terms of the spectrum of the algebra. We then give a simple description of the envelopes of balanced open sets and relate the concepts of domain of holomorphy and polynomial convexity. We show that for bounded balanced sets, extensions to the envelope are always of bounded type, and that this does not necessarily hold for unbounded sets, answering a question posed by Hirschowitz in 1972. We also consider extensions to open subsets of the bidual, present some Banach-Stone type results and show some properties of the spectrum when the domain is the unit ball of ℓp\ell_p.Comment: 25 page

    Rapid assessment for prioritisation of trachoma control at community level in one district of the Kaolack Region, Senegal.

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    The objective of this study was to use a modified Lot Quality Assurance Sampling methodology to classify communities according to prevalence of active trachoma and to estimate the prevalence of trachoma and trichiasis in Nioro department, Kaolack Region, Senegal. A survey was conducted using two-stage cluster sampling to select 50 children aged 2-5 years in each of 33 clusters. In total 1,648 children were examined for active trachoma. Information on trachoma risk factors was collected through interviews with the mother or the household head of the child. Adults (>40 years) with trichiasis were identified through case finding. Nineteen clusters had a low prevalence of active trachoma in children aged 2-5 years (40%). The prevalence of active trachoma in children aged 2-5 years was 17.4% (95% CI 12.9-21.8%). Multivariate-adjusted predictors of active trachoma were: age, facial cleanliness, hygiene practices and keeping cattle in the household. The prevalence of trichiasis in adults aged over 40 years was 1.77% (95% CI 1.24-2.51), equating to 985 adults (95% CI 765-1250) with trichiasis in Nioro department. In conclusion, a survey using rapid methodology showed that trachoma is a problem of public significance in Nioro department, Senegal

    Editorial: Nickel- and Dime-ing

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