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    Lagrange multiplier and Wess-Zumino variable as large extra dimensions in the torus universe

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    We study the effect of the topology of universe by gauging the non-relativistic particle model on the torus and 3-torus, using the symplectic formalism of constrained systems and embedding those models on extended phase-spaces. Also, we obtain the generators of the gauge transformations for gauged models. Extracting the corresponding Poisson structure of the existed constraints, we show the effect of the topology on the canonical structure of the phase-spaces of those models and suggest some phenomenology to prove the topology of the universe and probable non-commutative structure of the space. In addition, we show that the number of large extra dimensions in the Phase-spaces of the gauged embeded models are exactly two. Moreover, in the classical form, we talk over MOND theory in order to study the origin of the terms appeared in the gauged theory, which modify the Newton's second law.Comment: Major revision: text and contents corrected and recovered thanks to unknown journal referee. Many refs added. Final version which will be published in the journa