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    The essential ideal is a Cohen-Macaulay module

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    Let G be a finite p-group which does not contain a rank two elementary abelian p-group as a direct factor. Then the ideal of essential classes in the mod-p cohomology ring of G is a Cohen-Macaulay module whose Krull dimension is the p-rank of the centre of G. This basically answers in the affirmative a question posed by J. F. Carlson.Comment: 6 page

    Lightweight ceramic insulation and method

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    A process is disclosed for manufacturing a low density ceramic powder which can be formed to make a lightweight material for insulation or other construction. The ceramic product made from the process has a final density of less than 25 to about 1 percent of the theoretical weight of the ceramic powder. The ceramic product is lightweight and can be made to withstand high temperatures greater than 1400 C

    Determining the transferability of flight simulator data

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    This paper presented a method for collecting and graphically correlating subjective ratings and objective flight test data. The method enables flight-simulation engineers to enhance the simulator characterization of rotor craft flight in order to achieve maximum transferability of simulator experience

    Requirements for particulate monitoring system for Space Station

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    We recommend that a stereo camera system be utilized as a diagnostic for the particulate environment surrounding the Space Station. This system should have sufficient sensitivity to identify contaminated periods, to isolate the effects of sources and activities and to determine optical clearing times. A reasonable compromise between sensitivity and other operational constraints is recommended. Sensitivity comparable to the film camera systems should suffice, but long periods of unattended operation and remotely controlled exposure sequences are essential requirements

    Small unmanned airborne systems to support oil and gas pipeline monitoring and mapping

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    Acknowledgments We thank Johan Havelaar, Aeryon Labs Inc., AeronVironment Inc. and Aeronautics Inc. for kindly permitting the use of materials in Fig. 1.Peer reviewedPublisher PD

    Employers skill survey: skills, local areas and unemployment

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    Polling learning: modelling the use of technology in classroom questioning

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    This project used an audience response system to explore its value for providing structured in-class feedback to tutors and learners, with a particular emphasis on supporting a tutor's use of questioning techniques. The research was conducted within a BSc Mathematics programme forming part of an undergraduate initial teacher training course. A key strategic aim for learning and teaching development at the University of Wales Newport is to embed feedback as part of the learning experience. This was achieved with the use of ‘clickers’, a valuable tool that tutors can use occasionally, or frequently to support more effective and satisfying feedback through question and discussion techniques. An additional element of this project was to model the use of clickers for student teachers in order to encourage their adoption of similar techniques in their own classroom teaching. The findings illustrate the impact on teaching in both diagnostic aspects and in social, classroom aspects
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