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    [Review of] St. Clair Drake. Black Folk Here and There , vol. I

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    St. Clair Drake, the recently deceased anthropologist, has written an elaborate summary essay on the black experience as it relates to the continent of Africa. In his latter years at Stanford University, Drake was head of the University\u27s Black Studies program. It appears obvious that Drake\u27s consciousness was raised during this particular time span. The research and writing of this book is far different from his seminal work with Clayton (Black Metropolis, 1945). In his emeritus years, Drake decided to seek the high ground of an historical anthropological-philosopher and address certain issues that W.E.B. DuBois considered paramount to the study of black people throughout the diaspora


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    Research Questions: What aesthetic approaches may I adopt in my cinematic practice against the background of the looming climate catastrophe and economic crisis of global capitalism? How may I bring the past into the present without recourse to extensive exposition and archive footage? How might I move spectators to act in response to what they see and hear on screen

    Subject, memory and place: Jill Daniels in conversation with Matthias Kispert

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    Jill Daniels' essay films Not Reconciled and Breathing Still were recently screened at a HyphenConversations event at the University of Westminster. Not Reconciled, located in Belchite in northern Spain,explores the trauma of the Spanish Civil War. The project emerged from her PhD research at the Universityof East London. In Breathing Still, Daniels’ voiced flaneuse addresses the memory of Rosa Luxemburg asshe roams Berlin’s streets and the city’s memorials while contemplating the rise of nationalisms past andpresent

    Dwoskin and Me: Halting the Flow of Time

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    In this article I discuss the three experimental autobiographical films that Stephen Dwoskin made between 1994 and 2003; Trying to kiss the moon (1994), Friends (apart) (2002) and Francis in Memorium (2003). I first met Dwoskin at the Royal College of Art film school in London where I was a student in the 1970s and he was a part-time tutor. We were both Jewish with very different personal histories and experiences, but after I left the RCA he became a close personal friend. As a disabled American ex-patriat man he spent most of his adult life looking at the world through a camera lens, filming his friends and lovers, building an archive of footage that form part of these films, supplemented by the extensive home-movie footage filmed by his father, Henry, a carpenter. My analysis of his films is therefore coloured by my own personal recollections of him

    Data Management Study, Volume 5. Appendix H - Contractor Data Package Logistics and Support /LS/ Final Report

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    Contractor data package for Voyager logistics and support in transportation, communications, supply, and maintenanc

    Data management study, volume 5. Appendix F - Contractor data package test /TE/ and mission operations /MP/ Final report

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    Test and mission operations contractor data package for Voyager spacecraf

    Laboratory Quality Control Report: Why is it Important?

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    The Arkansas Water Resources Center (AWRC) maintains a fee-based water quality lab that is certified through the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). The AWRC Water Quality Lab analyzes water samples for a variety of constituents, using standard methods for the analysis of water samples (APHA 2012). Whether you have one or several water samples tested, the lab generates a report of values for each parameter that you have analyzed, which is provided to the client. Included with every water quality report is a Lab Quality Control (QC) report for each of the parameters analyzed within the package. The Lab QC report provides important information about the performance of the methods used to test your water sample(s)
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