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    Multibody Interplanetary Swingby Trajectories /MIST-1/

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    Computer program incorporates new isolation procedure to determine interplanetary trajectories which utilize a maximum of three flybys. Program also computes singe planet flybys and direct transfer trajectories. The three principle systems employed in MIST-1 use as their fundamental plane the mean plane of the earth's orbit around the sun

    Solubility behaviour, crystallisation kinetics and pour point : a comparison of linear alkane and triacyl glyceride solute/solvent mixtures

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    Mixtures of either a hydrocarbon wax in a hydrocarbon solvent or a long chain triacyl glyceride (TAG) in a TAG solvent show complex solubility boundary temperature hysteresis and precipitated crystal network formation leading to gelation. For these industrially-important systems, we show how the equilibrium solubility and its hysteresis, crystallisation kinetics and pour point temperature vary with solute concentration for representative examples of both hydrocarbon (n-tetracosane (C24) solute in n-heptane (C7) solvent) and TAG (tristearin (SSS) solute in tricaprylin (CCC) solvent) mixtures. The behaviour is modelled with good accuracy; thereby providing a useful aid to formulation and process optimisation

    A Fluid Generalization of Membranes

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    In a certain sense a perfect fluid is a generalization of a point particle. This leads to the question as to what is the corresponding generalization for extended objects. The lagrangian formulation of a perfect fluid is much generalized and this has as a particular example a fluid which is a classical generalization of a membrane, however there is as yet no indication of any relationship between their quantum theories.Comment: To appear in CEJP, updated to coincide with published versio

    Tectonics and Sedimentation of the Meso- to Neoproterozoic Timan-Varanger Belt along the Northeastern Margin of Baltica

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