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    Here (toma): translations between me and my mother

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    The lyric mode can be thought of as the engine of a piece, what drives its thinking and structure forward. Memoir writing most often refers to writing based on an author\u27s own memories. For these two reasons, I\u27ve labeled my Honors thesis a lyric memoir. The memoir consists of poems, translated into Spanish by my mother, dual essays in which I share the page with another writer, and after essays which consider a wide variety of topics on identity, death, religion, and language. Critically, what makes the memoir lyric is its lack of direct narrative, instead relying on the layering, associative effect of the lyric to move forward. In my craft paper, I argue the armor of the lyric mode lends itself particularly well to writing memoir, writing of family, of absent things, and things too multiplicitous to render linearly on the page