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    Morbidity and Mortality ofVery Low Birth Weight Infant Graduates of a Level Three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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    Purpose: To describe the morbidity and mortality of very low birth weight (VLBW) infant graduates of a level three neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in a medically underserved population. Design: A retrospective chart analysis of 181 live born infants at a regional tertiary center between 2004-2006. Sample: Infants born with a birth weight of 425-1489 grams and gestational age of23-40 weeks (n=127). Main outcome variable: Descriptive statistics were used to describe the incidence of associated VLB W morbidities presenting after discharge along with hospital readmissions and mortality rates. Results: VLBW infants discharged from the NICU had chronic lung disease (24.4%), hearing loss (5.5%), seizures (3%), cerebral palsy (1.6%), mental retardation (0.8%), and visual loss (0.8%). They also showed abnormal neurodevelopmental findings (59%), speech/language disorders (12.5%) and behavioral/learning disorders (1.5%). One death (\u3c1%) was reported after discharge. Forty-five children (35%) were readmitted to the hospital after discharge accounting for 78 hospital admissions

    A new construction of homogeneous quaternionic manifolds and related geometric structures

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    Let V be the pseudo-Euclidean vector space of signature (p,q), p>2 and W a module over the even Clifford algebra Cl^0 (V). A homogeneous quaternionic manifold (M,Q) is constructed for any spin(V)-equivariant linear map \Pi : \wedge^2 W \to V. If the skew symmetric vector valued bilinear form \Pi is nondegenerate then (M,Q) is endowed with a canonical pseudo-Riemannian metric g such that (M,Q,g) is a homogeneous quaternionic pseudo-K\"ahler manifold. The construction is shown to have a natural mirror in the category of supermanifolds. In fact, for any spin(V)-equivariant linear map \Pi : Sym^2 W \to V a homogeneous quaternionic supermanifold (M,Q) is constructed and, moreover, a homogeneous quaternionic pseudo-K\"ahler supermanifold (M,Q,g) if the symmetric vector valued bilinear form \Pi is nondegenerate.Comment: to appear in the Memoirs of the AMS, 81 pages, Latex source fil

    Bicycle Urbanism, Blog 3

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    Student blog posts from the Great VCU Bike Race Book

    Special Kaehler manifolds: a survey

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    This is a survey of recent contributions to the area of special Kaehler geometry. It is based on lectures given at the 21st Winter School on Geometry and Physics held in Srni in January 2001

    Sin novedad en el paraíso. Emociones, terrorismo y turismo

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    Los diferentes actores del sistema turístico responden a las agresiones terroristas de formas diversas. Analizo diversos medios de comunicación para caracterizar dichas reacciones y determinar cómo se regenera la imagen de un destino.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech

    "No One Asked Me": Latinos' Experiences With Massachusetts Health Care Reform

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    Presents lessons from low-income Latinos' experience of the 2006 Massachusetts healthcare reform, with a focus on their understanding of the individual mandate, the role of community groups in the enrollment process, and the affordability of coverage
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