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    The representations of migrants in articles shared on Reddit and their related comments.

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    Abstract The so-called 2015 migration crisis has given rise to many questions at a political level as well as at the human level. These issues have been extensively covered in the media and provoked many reactions of the European citizens, especially on the social network websites. However, researchers usually agree on the fact that the media ‚Äúshape citizens‚Äô understanding of what the arrival of these refugees‚ÄĚ (Heidenreich, 2019). In order to sketch both the representations conveyed in the media and the reception of those by the audience, this thesis studies Reddit; a media sharing forum where the users publish online articles and comment on it. This study aims, first, at sketching the representations of refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants and migrants (henceforth RASIM) conveyed in the online articles shared on Reddit over a two- months period (from the 10th of November, 2019, to the 10th of January, 2020). Secondly, the contexts of writing of the articles are examined in order to determine whether it is related to the representations found. Finally, the representations of RASIM found in the comments are also analyzed and then compared to the related articles in order to see to what extent the representations are shared. Combining corpus-driven methods with a discourse analysis approach, this thesis examines the discursive strategies used to represent RASIM, following KhosraviNik (2010) framework of analysis. This framework focusses on three levels of analysis: actors description, actions attribution and arguments. The results show that RASIM are either framed as victims or as burdens in the articles as well as in the comments. They are mostly patient of the actions and represented as a homogeneous population. Several metaphors, emphases and mitigations were found, accompanied with arguments referring to their growing number and the need for management. It was found that rather than influencing the representations of RASIM in the comments, the articles are opening the debate on migration. More surprisingly, no relation between the contexts of writing of the articles and the representations of RASIM were found

    A Mixed Quantitative-Qualitative Approach to Disagreement in Online News Comments on Social Networking Sites

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    This paper investigates disagreement constructions on online social networking sites (SNS). It forms part of a wider project on hate and conflict speech modelling. Combining different research theories from conversational analysis and corpus linguistics, we have devised a six-class disagreement typology that we have manually tested on a 20 000-word corpus of Reddit comments on media posts. We then completed this analysis with a description of linguistic markers that pave the way towards future automated research. Finally, we present politeness strategies and repairs that maintain mutual understanding in media posts’ comments. Our analysis proposes new classifications adapted to SNS. Moreover, it highlights regular forum trends, face-to-face and group threatening acts and Reddit-specific strategies to maintain or repair disagreement

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