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    Reply to Comments of Bassi, Ghirardi, and Tumulka on the Free Will Theorem

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    We show that the authors in the title have erred in claiming that our axiom FIN is false by conflating it with Bell locality. We also argue that the predictions of quantum mechanics, and in particular EPR, are fully Lorentz invariant, whereas the Free Will Theorem shows that theories with a mechanism of reduction, such as GRW, cannot be made fully invariant.Comment: We sharpen our theorem by replacing axiom FIN by a weaker axiom MIN to answer the above authors' objection

    Random template banks and relaxed lattice coverings

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    Template-based searches for gravitational waves are often limited by the computational cost associated with searching large parameter spaces. The study of efficient template banks, in the sense of using the smallest number of templates, is therefore of great practical interest. The "traditional" approach to template-bank construction requires every point in parameter space to be covered by at least one template, which rapidly becomes inefficient at higher dimensions. Here we study an alternative approach, where any point in parameter space is covered only with a given probability < 1. We find that by giving up complete coverage in this way, large reductions in the number of templates are possible, especially at higher dimensions. The prime examples studied here are "random template banks", in which templates are placed randomly with uniform probability over the parameter space. In addition to its obvious simplicity, this method turns out to be surprisingly efficient. We analyze the statistical properties of such random template banks, and compare their efficiency to traditional lattice coverings. We further study "relaxed" lattice coverings (using Zn and An* lattices), which similarly cover any signal location only with probability < 1. The relaxed An* lattice is found to yield the most efficient template banks at low dimensions (n < 10), while random template banks increasingly outperform any other method at higher dimensions.Comment: 13 pages, 10 figures, submitted to PR

    High-resolution observation of the Venus dayglow spectrum 1250-1430 angstroms

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    The spectrum of the dayglow of Venus between 1250 and 1430 A was measured in high resolution with the International Ultraviolet Explorer. Seven exposures which were made with the short wavelength camera in the high dispersion mode using the large aperture were combined to give a total exposure time of 309 min. The atomic oxygen lines at 1302.2, 1304.9, 1306.0, and 1355.6 A are present. In addition, the (14,3) and (14,4) bands of the carbon monoxide fourth positive system at 1317 and 1354 A respectively are identified. These bands are compared with synthetic spectra, showing the excitation mechanism to be fluorescent scattering of solar Lyman alpha radiation

    Déjà vu and the entorhinal cortex: dissociating recollective from familiarity disruptions in a single case patient

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    Past research has demonstrated a relationship between déjà vu and the entorhinal cortex in patients with wider medial temporal lobe damage. The aim of the present research was to investigate this crucial link in a patient (MR) with a selective lesion to the left lateral entorhinal cortex to provide a more direct exploration of this relationship. Two experiments investigated the experiences of déjà vécu (using the IDEA questionnaire) and déjà vu (using an adapted DRM paradigm) in MR and a set of matched controls. The results demonstrated that MR had quantitatively more and qualitatively richer recollective experiences of déjà vécu. In addition, under laboratory-based déjà vu conditions designed to elicit both false recollection (critical lures) and false familiarity (weakly-associated lures), MR only revealed greater memory impairments for the latter. The present results are therefore the first to demonstrate a direct relationship between the entorhinal cortex and the experience of both déjà vu and déjà vécu. They furthermore suggest that the entorhinal cortex is involved in both weakly-associative false memory as well as strongly-associative memory under conditions that promote familiarity-based processing

    Seasonal observation of Mars

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    The International Ultraviolet Explorer detected the Hartley bands of ozone in the spectrum of Mars. Seasonal observations show a variation in the north consistent with the measurement of Mariner 9. Observations during Martian late fall in the south were also made

    The Primary Pretenders

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    We call a composite number q such that there exists a positive integer b with b^p == b (mod q) a prime pretender to base b. The least prime pretender to base b is the primary pretender q_b. It is shown that there are only 132 distinct primary pretenders, and that q_b is a periodic function of b whose period is the 122-digit number 19568584333460072587245340037736278982017213829337604336734362- 294738647777395483196097971852999259921329236506842360439300.Comment: 7 page