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    Exotic many-body physics with large-spin Fermi gases

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    The experimental realization of quantum degenerate cold Fermi gases with large hyperfine spins opens up a new opportunity for exotic many-body physics

    Competing orders in one dimensional spin 3/2 fermionic systems

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    Novel competing orders are found in spin 3/2 cold atomic systems in one-dimensional optical traps and lattices. In particular, the quartetting phase, a four-fermion counterpart of Cooper pairing, exists in a large portion of the phase diagram. The transition between the quartetting and singlet Cooper pairing phases is controlled by an Ising symmetry breaking effect in one of the spin channels. The singlet Cooper pairing phase also survives in the purely repulsive interaction regime. In addition, various charge and bond ordered phases are identified at commensurate fillings in lattice systems.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, revised versio

    Resonating plaquette phases in large spin cold atom systems

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    Large spin cold atom systems can exhibit novel magnetic properties which do not appear in usual spin-1/2 systems. We investigate the SU(4) resonating plaquette state in the three dimensional cubic optical lattice with spin-3/2 cold fermions. A novel gauge field formalism is constructed to describe the Rokhsar-Kivelson type of Hamiltonian and a duality transformation is used to study the phase diagram. Due to the proliferation of topological defects, the system is generally gapped for the whole phase diagram of the quantum model, which agrees with the recent numerical studies. A critical line is found for the classical plaquette system, which also corresponds to a quantum many-body wavefunction in a "plaquette liquid phase".Comment: 6 pages, 3 figure