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    Adding nuance to drug control: Britain shouldn’t be afraid to move away from the flailing international drug regime

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    John Collins sets the current hegemonic drug prohibition regime in its historical context and suggests that Britain has an opportunity to radically rethink its attachment to this failed model, and begin instituting more pragmatic, beneficial and cost effective policies

    Different approaches to TMD Evolution with scale

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    Many apparently contradictory approaches to TMD factorization and its non-perturbative content exist. This talk evaluated the different methods and proposed tools for resolving the contradictions and experimentally adjudicating the results.Comment: Proceedings of Transversity 2014; 8 page

    Perceived teacher effectiveness and psychological type : an exploratory study of New Zealand teachers : a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree in Master of Education at Massey University

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    This study sought to establish whether perceptions of teacher effectiveness were influenced by individual personality. A questionnaire to establish teacher views was designed through research and consultation with other teachers, piloted initially with a preliminary group of ten teachers, then redesigned in the light of these responses. The questionnaire was designed to obtain information on demographics, theoretical perspectives, educational contexts, working comparisons, and individual preferences related to sociability, perceiving, cognitive processing, decision making, action and organisation, perceptual openness, interpretative preferences and management and discipline preferences. It was named the Teacher Effectiveness Questionnaire (TEQ). A Likert-type 1-5 scale was used for rating responses from the TEQ and the resultant data factor analysed resulting in four factors which were given the titles: Responsiveness; Professional Teamwork; Planning and Management; and a bipolar factor of Practical Experience versus Theory (hereinafter termed the Theory Factor). Teacher personality was determined by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The 147 teachers who took part were all primary school based, ranging from principals, senior staff, teachers of reading, and scale A teachers. Each dealt with children within the range of New Entrant to Form II, (approximately 5 to 13 year old pupils). Of the sample 38 were males and 107 were females. Significant differences, in views of effective teaching were found by age, gender and personality types. Sensing types were found to hold strongly different views on Responsiveness and on Theory . Teamwork, Planning and Management were found to be less affected by personality and more by contextual elements. Responsiveness was found to differ according to age. Educational implications were explored