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    Promoting Physical Exercise Participation: The Role of Interpersonal Behaviors for Practical Implications

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    he number of people engaging in physical exercise has been decreasing every year. These behaviors are known to be related with non-communicable chronic diseases and to drastically increase premature morbidity and mortality. Since ‚Äúthe lack of motivation‚ÄĚ has been pointed out as one of the main reasons for not engaging in physical exercise, several theoretical and empirical studies have been conducted aimed at understanding what influences behavior regulation. According to literature, gym exercisers who perceive exercise instructors as supportive are more likely to maintain physical exercise participation over the long-run. Supporting autonomy, competence, and relatedness should be carefully considered when interacting with health club clients as a way to promote more autonomous motivation. Overall, it seems that exercise instructors should foster a supportive environment for gym exercisers, in order to encourage exercise as a habitual behavior.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    On sign-changeable interaction in FLRW cosmology

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    We investigate an interacting two-fluid model in a spatially flat Friedmann-Lema\^itre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) Universe, when the energy transfer between these two dark components is produced by a factorisable nonlinear sign-changeable interaction depending linearly on the energy density and quadratically on the deceleration parameter. We solve the source equation and obtain the effective energy densities of the dark sector and their components. We show that the effective equation of state of the dark sector includes some of the several kind of Chaplygin gas equations of state as well as a generalization of the polytropic equation of state. We use bayesian statistics methods to constrain free parameters in the models during its most recent evolution considering supernovae type Ia and measurements of the Hubble expansion rate. The resulting constraints provide new information on sign-changeable interactions, its equivalences and compatibility with previous models and novel late time universe dynamics.Comment: 8 figure

    Goal Content for the practice of physical activity and the impact on subjective well-being in older adults

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    The main goal of this study consisted in an analysis of the impact that the goal content that leads to the practice of physical activity in the elderly population can play on the variables that constitute subjective well-being, as well as to analyze the differences in these variables’ levels according to the amount of physical activity practiced. A total of 300 individuals participated in this study (n=300), including 238 females and 62 males, aged between 60 and 90 years old (M = 68.59; DP = 6.54), who practice differing levels of physical activity. The results enable us to conclude that the goal content for the practice of physical activity has positive effects on the perception of satisfaction with life and on affect. To the same extent, they verify that health is the motivation that has the greatest weight on the practice of physical activity. We also concluded that elderly people who practice more physical activity perceive higher levels of satisfaction with life and positive affect, and lower levels of negative affectinfo:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Reasons for dropout in swimmers, differences between gender and age and intentions to return to competition

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    BACKGROUND: This study‚Äôs main purpose was to analyze reasons for dropout in competitive swimmers and differences between gender and age groups. The influence of dropout on swimmers intentions to return to competition, invariance across gender and validation of Questionnaire of Reasons for Attrition were also analyzed. METHODS: Study 1 ‚Äď 366 athletes participated (N.=366; mean age 15.96, SD 5.99) and the data gathered was used for the exploratory analysis, and data gathered on 1008 athletes were used for the confirmatory analysis and the structural equations (N.=1008; mean age 16.26, SD 6.12); Study 2: 1008 athletes participated (N.=1008; mean age 16.26, SD 6.12) on the descriptive and inferential analysis of the reasons behind the practice dropout. The Questionnaire of Reasons Attrition was used in both studies to assess the reasons associated with the practice dropout. RESULTS: In study 1, the results showed an acceptable fit of the measurement model and invariance across gender and also predictive validity regarding swimmers intentions to return to competition (e.g., demands/pressure‚ÄĚ negatively predict intentions). In study 2, the main results showed that the most significant reason for dropout in both genders and all age groups was ‚Äúdissatisfaction/other priorities‚ÄĚ; the study also showed there to be differences between gender and age groups (e.g., female and younger athletes valued ‚Äúdemands/ pressure ‚Äúmore). CONCLUSIONS: This study offers useful guidelines for the training process and to support decisions on sports politics to be implemented to overcome the dropout rate. However, it is important to broaden the evidence to other sports and implement programs on identified priority areas based on longitudinal perspectives.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Resultado y proceso en psicoterapia cognitivo-constructivista integradora

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    Este artículo presenta un estudio intensivo, combinando métodos estadísticos diversos, del resultado y el proceso de los tratamientos psicoterapéuticos llevados a cabo en el Servei d’Assessorament i Assistència Psicológica Blanquerna de Barcelona, y analiza pormenorizadamente las relaciones entre resultado (mejoría) y proceso (alianza terapéutica). Más concretamente (a) el proceso terapéutico en términos de la relación entre alianza terapéutica y resultado de la psicoterapia; y (b) los efectos de las rupturas de la alianza terapéutica y el empeoramiento sintomático sobre el resultado y el proceso de la terapia. Los clientes incluidos en este estudio fueron 239 y los instrumentos fueron el Cuestionario de Evaluación de Resultados CORE Outcome Measure y la versión reducida del WAI (Working Alliance Inventory) para la evaluación de proceso. Los resultados, además del buen resultado de la terapia y el mantenimiento de los cambios, demostraron la importancia de diferentes aspectos de la alianza terapéutica como predictores del resultado y el proceso terapéutico

    Behavioral Regulation Sport Questionnaire: Gender and Sport Invariance in Portuguese Athletes

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    Vers√£o depositada: post-printThis study aimed to analyze measurement invariance of the Behavioral Regulation Sports Questionnaire (BRSQ) across the gender and four different sports. In addition, we examined nomological validity via basic psychological needs satisfaction. Participants totaled 1,812 Portuguese athletes (1,220 males and 592 females; aged 15‚Äď59 years, Mage ¬ľ 17.72, SD ¬ľ 5.51) from football (n ¬ľ 596), basketball (n ¬ľ 273), swimming (n ¬ľ 800), and parasport (n ¬ľ 143). The BRSQ measurement model was invariant across the gender and these four sports. The scale confirmed nomological validity in that satisfaction of the basic psychological needs positively predicted autonomous forms of motivation and negatively predicted more controlled motivation and amotivation as suggested by self-determination theory. In light of this evidence for BRSQ construct validity, composite reliability, nomological validity, and invariance across the gender and four different sports, this scale is a useful tool for the coaches of the aforementioned sports in their efforts to evaluate their athletes‚Äô motivation.info:eu-repo/semantics/publishedVersio

    Pr√≥tesis total de cadera con poropatita: Resultados a 12 a√Īos

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    El trabajo analiza 150 pr√≥tesis totales de cadera, con un seguimiento de 12 a√Īos. En todos los pacientes se implantaron los componentes de Poropatita fabricados con aleaci√≥n de Titanio y recubiertos de Poropatita. La edad de los pacientes oscilo entre los 25 y 85 a√Īos, con una media de 61 a√Īos, y en las revisiones posteriores realizadas, tanto cl√≠nica como radiogr√°ficamente, se observ√≥ una r√°pida integraci√≥n de los implantes con √°reas de osteoconducci√≥n y osteointegraci√≥n evidentes.We reviewed 150 hip arthroplasties with a follow-up of 12 years. In all patients we used the components made of a titanium alloy with poropatita. The average age of the patients was 85 years (range 25-85 years). The follow-up period showed good clinical outcome, and radiographic parameters disclosed excellent integration of the implants with areas of osteoconduction and osteointegration

    Tratamiento de la pseudoartrosis con P15

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    La reconstrucci√≥n de los defectos √≥seos, es un problema que se plantea con frecuencia en Cirug√≠a Traumatol√≥gica. El objetivo de este trabajo esa evaluar la regeneraci√≥n √≥sea en paciente con retardo de consolidaci√≥n de fracturas de h√ļmero y tibia, utilizando un factor de crecimiento (P15 combinado con Hidroxiapatita) y observar la respuesta osteoinductiva de la regeneraci√≥n √≥sea. Se intervinieron quir√ļrgicamente 12 pacientes, con un seguimiento m√≠nimo de 2 a√Īos. Describimos la metodolog√≠a en cuanto a t√©cnica y control post-operatorio y valoramos el estado cl√≠nico, radiol√≥gico e histol√≥gico. Los resultados fueron muy buenos en 10 casos. El P15 combinado con la Hidroxiapatita, ha permitido ver una respuesta osteoconductiva y osteoinductiva en los defectos √≥seos, con un futuro presumiblemente prometedor en Cirug√≠a Ortop√©dica.The reconstruction of bone defects is a problem in the current orthopaedic surgery practice. The object of this study is to evaluate the regeneration in bones defects under the influence of a growth factor (P15 combined with hidroxyapatite), recording the evidence of osteo-inductive activity. Twelve patients with bone defects were operated with a minimal follow up of two years, we detailed the technique and postoperative management of the patients. Clinical, radiology and histology results were assessed, with excellent outcome in 10 cases. The P15 combined with Hidroxyapatite has allowed for a bone conductive and inductive response in bones defects

    Organometallic catalysis in biological media and living settings

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    Organometallic catalysis has allowed the development of an impressive number of chemical transformations that could not be achieved using classical methodologies. Most of these reactions have been accomplished in organic solvents, and in many cases in the absence of water, and under air-free conditions. The increasing pressure to develop more sustainable transformations has stimulated the discovery of metal-catalyzed reactions that can take place in water. A particularly attractive extension of this chemistry consists of the use of biological relevant aqueous solvents, as this might set the basis to translate catalytic metal complexes to biological settings. While this research field is in its infancy, along the last ten years there have been an increasing number of reports demonstrating the viability of achieving metal-promoted transformations in biologically relevant contexts. In this review, that does not intend to be comprehensive, we summarize the most significant advances in the area, and highlight some of the more important difficulties that must be faced when trying to design biocompatible organometallic catalysts, such us stability, cell uptake, bioorthogonality and toxicity. We will manly focus on transition metal systems which have been shown to keep their activity in complex aqueous buffers and inside living cellsWe are thankful for the financial support from the Xunta de Galicia (Centro singular de investigaci√≥n de Galicia accreditation 2016‚Äď2019) and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund ‚Äď ERDF). We also thank support given by the Spanish grantsSAF2013-41943-R and SAF2016-76689-R, the Xunta de Galicia (GRC2013-041 and 2015-CP082), the ERDF, and the European Research Council (Advanced Grant No. 340055). MMC thanks the Ministerio de Econom√≠a y Competitividad for the Postdoctoral fellowship (IJCI-2014-19326)S

    Exporting homogeneous transition metal catalysts to biological habitats

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    Transition-metal catalyzed reactions are being increasingly used in biological contexts and even in living cells and organisms. Most of the processes so far developed rely on the ability of metal complexes to bind and activate unsaturated systems in a bioorthogonal way. The reactions are often tracked by fluorescence microscopy, by using reaction probes that emit light only after the reactionThis work has received financial support from Spanish grant PID2019-108624RB-I00 and Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación fellowship (IJC2018-036705-I to A.S.), the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria (ED431C-2021/25 and Centro Singular de Investigación de Galicia accreditation2019-2022, ED431G 2019/03), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and the European Research Council (Advanced Grant No. 340055)S
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