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    NKX3.1 expression and interactions Dataset

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    <p>Data set 1: Summary of NKX3.1 interacting proteins</p> <p>Data set 1A: All proteins identified in four independent mock and FLAG-NKX3.1 affinity purifications<br>Data set 1B: List of 58 high confidence NKX3.1 interacting proteins<br>Data set 1C: Lists of proteins shown in the Venn diagram in Fig. 1B</p> <p>Data set 2: Summary of NKX3.1-regulated gene expression</p> <p>Data set 2A: All raw mRNA expression data<br>Data set 2B: Averaged mRNA expression data<br>Data set 2C: List of mRNAs that show a greater than 5-fold change (p greater or even to 0.05) in cells expressing NKX3.1 for 7 hours (= "5x data set")<br>Data set 2D: list of NKX3.1 regulated genes containing conserved AP1 binding sites<br>Data set 2E: List of NKX3.1 regulated genes containing conserved SRF binding sites<br>Data set 2F: List of NKX3.1 regulated mRNAs that are inversely regulated in human prostate cancer derived cell lines</p> <p> </p